Friday, December 18, 2009

Tender Mercies

Melanie had her lumbar today. So she has been poked and prodded pretty darn good the last couple days. She is feeling pretty tired and has had a chemo headache. But it all went well. She is just a trooper. She was going to do the post tonight but is pretty beat. So, I just typed for her. Below is her post. :)

(Posted by Melanie)
Bone marrow is juicy and looks good! So things are considered to be in remission at the moment. Which means the leukemia is clear but there is still work to do to ensure it doesn't come back. My platelets are finally in the normal range. They were 178,000 today. The red blood cells are winning the fight over the white blood cells still. So we are still waiting on nuetraphils. In all this means that I will be able to spend a few days at Greg's if those nuetraphils come. I should know in the next couples days when that might be. Th second round of chemo should start around Dec 28th. They should know about donors by Monday or Tuesday.

Thanks so much for your prayers, cards and everything else. Some of you have mentioned that you were unsure that I know who you are, I do. :) Keep the prayers a comin. Thanks so much to you all.



Alean said...

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!!!!!! I have no other words to express how happy I am to hear your news!!!!!!-Hang in there Melanie!-Alean

Kerren said...

Fabulous! I am so happy for you and your news! I will see you soon and celebrate this good news with you! You would have been so pleased with all of your little "kinders" today and how well they did with the "Sing a Song of Christmas!" They were adorable . . . and so well behaved!
See you soon! Thanks again for the good news! Prayers are being heard and answered.

Darlene said...

Such GREAT news! "I'm keeping tabs on you!" You are the only one on the face of the planet that will understand that!

Balls Fam said...

We miss your guts MEL!! Were planning on coming down to see you this next week, hopefully you can have a day or two at Greg's and you can see the girls (even if its through a window or something)!! Love you and are praying for you.
Kim, can't wait to see you again! Taylie keeps talking about "Joanie Candy"!

Les said...

That is so so so amazing, great, excellent!!! We'll keep praying for you that you'll soon be out of there!

Janet said...

This is so wonderful! You are always in our prayers Levi is very good at reminding us to pray for Ms. Melanie, he misses you! The program was great I love all the actions to the songs.
Janet Blad

Mandy said...

Good news! We're so glad. I'm going to get you some video of the program somehow! You would be so proud of the kids! They did great!
We're still praying for better and better news and hope you get a few days away with family soon!!
Love...Mandy (& Carter) Saunders