Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Patience is a virtue

Another day of waiting.... But tomorrow will be the test. The bone marrow biopsy. The results will tell what the next step in this adventure will be. We probably won't know anything until Friday though. We will keep you all posted.

Melanie is feeling okay today. No code blue's on the floor! Yahoo! She even tried on her new Pearl Izumi shoes to walk in tonight. She has not worn shoes for a good couple months. She is still staying strong and trying to have patience. The nights can just be sooooo long and drawn out. Thank goodness for Adavan (not sure how to spell that. haha)

Here are a couple pictures from the day. One is with her nurse Dasha. Mel was in the middle of her walk and had to come back so Dasha could scan her ID band. So she had her face mask on top of her head so she could breath. She looked kinda like a "conehead". We have to find humor in whatever we can these days. :) The other is a picture of one her cool hats that she has been given by her friend Diana Hatfield. I just love it!!!

Well, thanks again to you all! Melanie, Kaden and our family have the best friends and family anyone could ever have!

I love you Melanie! Sweet dreams.....


Alean said...

I love the hat Diana picked out too! It shows your sense of humor! I'm thinking of you tomorrow! I hope as you lay there and have the test that you can feel our thoughts, prayers and good wishes!-Alean

Kerren said...

Ditto, ditto, ditto . . . to Alean's comment. She said it perfectly! Our thoughts and prayers are united as we ask for some huge blessings today. He knows and loves you, even more than we do.
Smile as you think about this: Yesterday at school was a series of "funny" things from beginning to end. Our "patience" was tried, to say the least, :D . . but the cherry on top of a crazy day was when the fire alarm accidently went off-- due to an odor from a chemical experiment in one of the classrooms! Keep in mind, we still have a pile of snow out on our field, and it appeared that the fifth graders were having a pajama day -- slippers, sox, etc. Certainly no boots! We were lined up at the gym door to get ourselves up on the risers . . . no coats, of course. You would have *rolled your eyes* right along with the rest of us, I'm sure! The kids were incredible -- and when we came back in to try again, they couldn't have been more cooperative! They're beeing SO good, you'd think Christmas was just days away! Wait! It is! Yikes, I have a lot to do! Missing and loving you! Kerren
Sorry for such long comments; you know how I am!

Jill said...

Melanie, Every day I just marvel at you! You are such an inspiration to all of us. We are praying for all to go well tomorrow. Please know you are in our prayers. Cute hat by the way! Hang in there on those long days you have hosts of people pulling for you. Love Jill Banham

Les said...

Mel, I just wanted you to know that you put a smile on my face whenever I see a picture on here of YOUR smiling face! You inspire me so SO much!