Friday, December 11, 2009

Chemo Blah

I was able to finally go up and spend some more time with Melanie. She was feeling nauseated this morning. She has noticed that 6-7 days after getting chemo in her central line, she feels yucky. They gave her some great anti-nausea medicine that helped! She was even able to get up and walk around the halls a bit today. I shouldn't say halls. It is actually one hall that she goes up and back down on.

Just a little story for us to remember in the future: Today Melanie was trying to decide what to eat for lunch. She has had the same options for 29 days now, and is pretty sick of it. My mom and I decided we would go to Paradise Cafe and get her a sandwich and soup. It sounded yummy to Melanie! Melanie is on a low microbe diet, so we explained very detailed to the boy taking our order that we didn't want lettuce or tomato. We also asked him to use some of the meat that is still in the cooler, instead of the stuff that has been sitting out. He was great, and I watched him fill out the order correctly. Too bad he wasn't the one making the sandwich. We made it back to the hospital and were so excited to eat our yummy sandwiches. However, Melanie's had tomato and lettuce!! Now she wasn't going to be able to even eat it. I am not one to complain very often, but I called them and told them how mad we were. At least we had some soup for Melanie to eat, and we got it all for free (granted that they really do credit my card back).

I made sure to bring my camera today, so I could take a couple pictures of Melanie's smile.

This is one of the nurses that takes good care of her. Her name is Shawnna. My mom and Melanie really like her, because she is so on top of it and always gets what Melanie needs promptly.

We had a great visit, with a bit of laughter! Melanie and I especially liked to tease my mom when she talked about "Subway for Santa"! Ha Ha...we love you mom!

Melanie wanted me to tell everyone that she is so grateful for all the help in moving her. are the man!! A big thank you today to Cami, aunt Eva, cousin Jen, Kristie Theurer (a student's mother), Stephanie and her mother Jan, and cousin Preston and his wife Natalie. They are getting closer to being done, and then that weight can be lifted.

Melanie just called me, while I was writing this post. Please remember Kaden in your prayers. He is having a hard time right now, and really misses Melanie being with him. It is hard for Melanie to hear his tears and not be able to comfort him. It is a long road ahead, but they will make it through and be stronger on the other side.


Cami said...

Great post Ang and cute pictures. I gave Kaden a big, long hug for you Mel, he had a rough day. He is being really good though and helping out. I can't wait to see you tomorrow!

Cindy said...

Hang in there Melanie. Jaren and I are praying for both you and Kaden.
Cindy and Jaren Glenn