Sunday, December 6, 2009

Some Words From Mother Balls

Melanie and Mom

Hi Smile emoticon, it's me, Peggy. I think it's about my turn to write down something on this blog! This has been quite the experience. I went to Logan Regional Hospital on Friday, Nov. the 13th with a Wal-mart bag full of pajamas, a toothbrush, brush, make-up and a clean set of clothes. I thought maybe Melanie would be admitted to get a blood transfusion and maybe stay for a couple of days. She looked like someone who was in a casket, but was walking! Little did I know that I would be riding in the front of an ambulance with her in the back, arriving at Intermountain LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah. When I questioned the ER doctor about what they suspected we were both shocked and scared when they said they thought it looked like leukemia. This is my twenty-fourth day here in Salt Lake with Mel. It has been like a roller coaster ride. I've learned new medical terms, met four of Melanie's kind doctors who are up on the latest treatments for leukemic patients. We've experienced so many wonderful nurses and Certified Nursing Assistants, Physical Therapists, social workers, diabetic counselors, dieticians, physician assistants, bone marrow coordinators, housekeepers, and of course, all of the food service people. One of the nurses, Vicky, crochets different hats out of yarn for the patients on this floor. I sleep on a long fold-up couch. With a pillow underneath one leg, and pillow between my legs, it isn't too bad. The only problem is I feel like a new mother! They always come in at different times all during the night to check vital signs on Mel. Also, the IV pumps alarm all of the time. Especially when you just get in bed and get settled. I walk the hall to get my exercise in. They're remodeling so it's a really small area. I'd go stir-crazy if I couldn't walk! We have our moments of tears and moments of laughter. Melanie is trying to be positive even when she's had fevers for four days! I miss all of my Greenville students and all of the staff. I also miss my ward members and my Relief Society sisters. I have found comfort in the LDS Hospital Branch. It's called the Salt Lake Ensign Stake. The Branch President is Rhett James. He used to live in my parent's ward in Logan. I think he was a former LDS Institute teacher up at USU. I've learned many spiritual things while here. There are kind Relief Society sisters here just like at home. The church is the same wherever you go. There are always people to lend support. Thanks to all of you who are praying with us and for us! Thanks to the students at Providence Elementary and all of the staff. We appreciate all of the kind tokens of appreciation, and the cards and visits. Thank you to our children. They are the best of the best. They always pull together and help each other out. They show their love for me and their dad all of the time. WE LOVE YOU! Each of them has helped out in their own special ways. Kim...many thanks for some much needed breaks! Cami...thanks for taking care of finances for Mel and watching out for Dad and Kaden. Angie...thanks for caring to share with us, your home, food, and money. Greg...thanks for offering your home and food to us and motivating me to learn to drive to and from your house. (I did it!) Mike...thanks for doing the electronic work and moving for Mel. Thanks to Steve, Eric, Charise, and Stephanie for supporting their spouses in this cause and accepting us as their mother and father-in-law. Thanks to my brothers and sisters and parents for providing Melanie with a wonderful lap top. Sid, Eva, Kevin, Heidi, Brett, Lana, David, Cindy, Pam, Mom and Dad, WE LOVE YOU! Thank you to the relatives on LeRoy's side. WE LOVE YOU TOO! We can feel you rootin' for us. Thanks to my hubby. He's taken on a heavy load. Pray for him! This is a big post. Sorry, but I've been holding a lot in for a long time. It's time to say good-bye. We'll hang in there as long as it takes.

This is Mel waiting to be taken down for her lumbar puncture. She is holding a rock in her hand. She gave Kaden this "worry rock" a while back and Kaden brought it to the hospital and gave it to sweet! My mom told me that she always knows when Mel is worried because she will have this rock in her hand.

I want to say something about our mom. I often call her our "angel mother". She is always there for us and is so happy, fun and comforting. I know that she will be blessed for staying by Melanie's side through all of this. We love you mom!!


angie said...

Yeah, Mom!! Driving the streets of Salt Lake City and now posting on the rock! Thanks for always being you. I know Melanie appreciates you staying by her side through all of this. What an amazing person and great example you are to your family. WE LOVE YOU!!

Kimbies said...

You are one of a kind mom! We are all so lucky to have you as a mom and to have dad as well! You are the best parents anyone could ask for! I know Melanie does appreciate you by her side. We love you so mom & dad!! :) Thanks for all you do and all that you are!

Oh Boy '08 said...

My Mom and I were together today. We were wondering how things are going. We would like to come visit and be supportive in anyway that you need. Peggy, I also live very close to the hospital. Please know that my home is available to you, if you ever have a need. Just remember, Hyde Park friends are friends forever! Hang in there, Mel!
Alicia (Ray) Cole

Kerren said...

Peggy, your experiences with this whole challenge are just an amazing story -- along with what Mel is dealing with. As a Mom myself, I am learning a lot from your example about what it takes to really support, love, and care for one of your own. Your serivce is so selfless and loving, and you just keep giving with a smile. I hope you are doing whatever you can to take care of yourself. Your family is such a reflection of your example! No wonder we all love and pray constanatly for Melanie and all of you!
Love to all, Kerren

Marley said...

I wanted to say I been praying for you and have mentioned you to a some close friends who asked me how would they get themselves in the registry for bone marrow matches and what not.. so perhaps you could, if anyone has time, direct us curious ones to a website or place for that stuff?

I encouraged them to donate blood because I never realized how helpful that can be. We have regular blood drives out at my work so I know a few more people who may sign up and wanted to know what blood type Melanie was... I am A+ :)

Thank you for taking the time to share this journey with everyone. You guys are so strong it has been truly amazing to be able to keep updated as things go along. I am glad you have such a great group of supporters!

Marlene Mitton