Friday, December 4, 2009

A Rough Day

Melanie's fever lasted through the night and most of the day. Her fever broke at one point, but was back when I last talked to my mom at about 5:30 this afternoon. The doctors decided to skip the lumbar puncture and just gave her chemo in her central line. She had a CT scan to check out her sinuses and a chest x-ray to look at her lungs. They are trying to determine if there is an infection somewhere. They took a culture last night, but my mom hadn't heard if it showed anything. Mel has been shivering a lot...thank goodness for those warmed hospital blankets. With her immune system being suppressed, it is really important that the doctors find the source of her fever, hopefully we will know more tomorrow. Keep on praying for her.


Kerren said...

You have to be feeling like you're all on a giant roller coaster! I am so sorry to read about the "downs," and can hardly wait for a report on the "ups" again. Wish you could see our little K. kids dumping out the coins from their piggy banks into Miss Melanie's Angel Tree fun packets! We all love and pray for you, and your precious family. Jet reminded me today about the miracles she's seen happen with a close friend and her very same battle. Did you find Jet's note and the link to her blog and website? It sounds like it would help to be in touch with her friend. Let me know if you need the address again.

Kerren said...

Can I excuse my poor typing/spelling and chalk it up to trying to read through blurry, tear-filled vision? If not that, how about the hours when I do this? Too early or too late? Whatever. . . the "Jet" should have been "Jette," the "fun" should have been "fund," and my reference to rollercoasters is purely because they terrify me and make me more than a little queasy! Your health issues do the same thing to me! I recognize that there's a spell check button here somewhere as well, but I get in a hurry. No surprise there. Most of all I just want to let you know you're always in my thoughts and prayers. Much Love, Kerren