Friday, June 15, 2012

Still Here

It really has been awhile since we have posted anything.  Life has been crazy.  I have not been up to Cache Valley lately, and haven't been able to take any pictures to add.  Melanie finally shaved her head.  She was done with the "Donald Trump" hairdo, as she would put it.

Melanie has had a rough several weeks.  She has been taking Prednisone to try and alleviate the body rash she has had (graft vs. host disease).  As many know, Prednisone is not easy on the body!  She had to move back in with my parents, because it was too hard for her to go up and down her stairs.  This was mostly do to the aching joints from the medicine.  Today, my mom and Melanie were at LDS hospital, getting an IV of immune boosting medicine.  I guess it was like the "peanut butter" shot, but through an IV.  She had to get the boost to help fight an infection she has.

There is a lovely virus that you can get, while on Prednisone (BV infection).  It affects the bladder.  Melanie has it, and it has not been fun!  It is just a virus, so it has to run it's course.  They are finally going to start tapering her off of the medicine, which should help the infection clear up quicker.  Once she can get off of the Prednisone, she will feel a lot better and be able to do more.  The rash has calmed down.  Fingers crossed that it will stay that way.

There is the quick and dirty of what has been going on.  Melanie continues to stay positive (although she does have her days).  This is just another bump on her road to recovery. 

Thank you for all the continued prayers on Melanie's behalf.  Love to you all!