Thursday, January 27, 2011

2010 Review (January - May)

The video Cami made for my Celebration of Life party does great job at summing up life during these months. I can't get it to post, so I will have her work on posting it.

Jan - Spent the month at Angie and Steven's house. The month started out real rough, but I got things figured out eventually. I discovered I had three dear angels in my life: Chase, Brooke, and Austin.

Feb - What a hard month! Full-body radiation was horrible and the sores in my mouth were horrible. My Grandma Perkes passed away unexpectedly 4 days before my stem-cell transplant. Kaden's birthday was 3 days after my transplant. I missed all events, but - I was blessed with life thanks to my donor.

Kaden with my dad at grandma Perkes' funeral. I love this picture!

My girl cousins, cousins-in-law, and sisters-in-law

I wish I could have been with you!

March - Still in the hospital for most of the month, but feeling better. My bone marrow biopsy at the end of the month left me with extreme pain.

April - Spent a week in the hospital trying to get my pain under control. The month started out so bad! I was able to come home for good on the last day of April.

May - An amazing fundraiser was planned and held for me. So much money was raised. What a blessing! I am surrounded with love.

Kaden's Birthday
We celebrated when I was at home in January. Cami and grandpa made sure to keep his birthday a special day too.

Reading the card I sent him.

Kaden has been such a trooper through everything. I love him so much!

2010 Review (June)

June memories:

Having such wonderful help from my cousin Emily. She helped me get my classroom cleaned out. I had help from others too - Thank You All!

Kaden had his 7th-grade-choir concert. I can't get over how excited all the boys were.

And of course . . . Baseball!!!

2010 Review (July)

July Memories:

Dad flooded the dishwasher when mom was at church.

Logan fireworks

Baseball season ended. Kaden did great this year!

Kaden's Uncle Andrew safely returned home from Afghanistan.

Grandpa Perkes and Grandma Kathy got married.

I got to throw Candy in the Hyde Park Celebration parade!!!

Preparing the posters for the float.

Preparing the candy to throw. My family kept making fun of me for how much candy I bought. I knew I needed more!!! We ran out at the last block. I should have just gotten more candy like I wanted to and told my family to laugh about it inside their minds.

Our parade crew, minus Carmen, Emily, and Stephanie. My friend Stephanie and her daughter began a clothing line focused on being strong. We, my family, decided it was a perfect motto for what we had been dealing with. You can check out Stephanie's goods at

My friend Dave was kind enough to let us use his trailer. Mike pulled it with his truck. I think we decked our "float" out real nice.

I loved throwing candy!!!!! Once was enough though. Next year, I will enjoy the parade
from the street.

The end to the lumbar punctures. Major happy day!

Sorry, I posted these pictures in reverse order.

2010 Review (August)

August Memories:

Kaden's curls and his making his cousins smile

Perkes' Reunion

Kids looking for treasures

Uncle Rolan taking a try at the pinata

Grandpa Perkes giving it a go

Eli demolished the pinata. He hit it until it was off the string.

Cousin Kaye (sp?) taught a line dance. Grandpa Perkes wouldn't stop dancing until he had it figured out. I wonder if grandpa remembers it now . . .

Most of the reunion clan from our family. Some left before we got a pic.

Kaden learned how to play pinochle! He got a double family and a double pinochle in one night.
I was lucky to have him on my team.

My mom and I couldn't resist these dolls at Costco. They have gotten some use, but not enough!!!

I made a bunch of pie cakes. They were good!

Kaden had an excellent 1st day of 8th grade. Things have been going well since. I am so proud of him.

We went to the Bees baseball game for the first time. My nephew Chase's baseball team was the honorary team for the night (or something like that.)

2010 Review (September)

September Memories:

My birthday is on September 13. I had a nice lunch with my sister Cami and my cousin Emily. Later that night we had cake and ice cream with the family. It was a great day!

On September 17 we had a celebration of life party. It was nice to see some dear friends. I wish more would have come, but who can compete with band and sports. My sister Cami put together a video for the celebration. I will post it shortly.

Eli had the job to keep the chips stocked. He took
his job very seriously!

Kim and fabulous grandma Hill

Me with Grandma Lamb and aunt Tena

Me with dear friends Wanda King and K(C)athy Mace

Chase and Brooke

Dad and Aunt Arlene

Friends watching the video

My dear friend Jacqui. She is a treasure!

Austin and Tate helping to clean up the balloons

Mike helping with clean up