Wednesday, January 26, 2011

2010 in Review (December)

What a wonderful month. Full of great memories!

Pasta and Craft Night

I love my nieces and nephews and I love how Kaden loves to interact with them. So, I decided we would have a Christmas craft and pasta dinner night with Aunt Mel.

So excited!

Eli's wonderful patterning and symmetry on his wreath. It looks great!

Lindsey always has to get in on the action. Ethan was such a good cousin to help her. Kaden helped her too. I loved how they were all working together and helping each other.

Taylie's beautiful wreath.

We did do some other foam crafts, but I couldn't take pictures and help out all the kiddos. They each made an elf with his/her picture for the face. They also made gingerbread girls and boys.

Each of the kids made a card for Aunt Kim and Aunt Joanie. Ethan did such a nice job and put some very thoughtful words in his card.

Tate loved covering the card with stickers, upon stickers, upon stickers, upon stickers. I don't know if we ended out writing anything, but he had so much fun.

Kaden made a nice card. I love what he wrote. I don't know if you can read the words, but if so, you will see that I have a witty boy on my hands.

After we finished the cards for Kim and Joanie and cleaned up the mess, we had our pasta dinner. The Christmas and snowman shaped noodles were not as exciting to the kids as they were to me, but I am amused by simple things. Garlic bread is always tasty! I was so happy when my mom came home around this time. It was wonderful having here there to help.

Ethan and Taylie

Tate and Kaden

Lindsey and Eli

After pasta was candy necklace making time . . .

Then dipping pretzels in chocolate time . . .

Tate had so much fun with this activity! It took me a bit to realize he was dipping the pretzels in the chocolate and then gobbling them up. Just like dipping chips in salsa. Whatever works bud!

Eli (above) was very meticulous. He really took his time. On the other hand, Ethan and Kaden mixed the colors together and made a fun and yummy mess.

Lindsey couldn't be left out, so I gave her a couple of pretzels. My favorite thing about this picture is Ethan and Eli behind me, eating the chocolate

Lindsey didn't enjoy her chocolate covered cookie as much as the rest of us did. She did make the biggest mess though.

Time to end the night. I was wiped out!

Grandma Lamb's Christmas Party

The one and only Grandma Lamb

Eli's lunch: slice of ham, pickle, cookie, brownie(?)

Ethan's lunch: slice of ham, 4 mini eclairs

Cracks me up!

Cousin April with her husband Eddie (I remember painting
his fingernails during math class in high school).

The kids played hide-n-seek. Ethan found a great hiding place while

Tate was counting to who knows what number.

Me and Cousin Cody

Eli was beyond excited when he won a dollar playing BINGO. He loves to go to the dollar store.

Me and Cousin Jerry (less than cooperative)

What a great family! We play together and clean up together.

The Perkes' Christmas Party

I missed this family party last year, but was lucky enough to talk to most of my family through Skype. No way was I going to miss it this year! I wish I had taken more pictures; especially of the decorations and my extended family. Aunt Eva's family planned a great time for all - thank you!

Miss Lindsey

Kaden is loved by his cousins. They frequently crowd around Kaden and watch him use his iTouch. Great learning times!!!

I can't help but laugh about this picture. My uncle Kevin has become one of Hailey's favorite people (Hailey is the my cousin Julie's daughter). So, I ended out with a blurry shot. No worries, I love the interactions these two have.

Some of Aunt Pam's beautiful family.

Some of my younger cousins, and Kaden. Kason looks a bit . . . off.

At home with the munchkins after the party. All in their new jammies watching Ethan (this time) messing around on the iTouch. Fun bonding time!!!

Christmas Eve and Day

I have never seen so many presents under our tree.

The kid's dining table.

The only picture I got of the grown-up table. Thanks Greg and Charise!

My favorite guest of the evening, Grandma Hill. I love this woman so much!

One of my gifts from Kaden. He is helping me get healthy.

My mom got this lovely beauty doll for the grandboys. Greg thought it would be funny to put it on my mom's side of the bed. He disguised it well!

See - can't even tell the doll thing is there. I was the only up when my mom made her find. She started and laughing and crossing her legs. Good job Greg. You got her good!

Kaden always goes to his stocking first on Christmas morning. I love the stocking that Santa found. It has 4 short compartments instead of one long compartment.

Kaden and I on Christmas morning. I think we all went back to bed after taking this pictures.

New Year's Eve

Our evening started out with our usual pizza dinner. Angie and her family joined us for our feast and then headed back to her in-law's house. After pizza, we enjoyed playing Kinnect. For those of you not family with Kinnect, you are missing out. Our game of choice was mostly Dance Central.

Kaden doing some move.

"Poker Face" with sidekick Lindsey

After enjoying Kinnect for awhile, we played Farkle and Spicy Farkel.

Me and Cami

We eventually made our way downstairs to watch the ball drop on TV. Tate came and sat in my lap. Such a treat! I don't know what Lindsey is doing, but I'm sure it involved talking in her language.

I ended my night with my favorite boy in the world!!! We are both looking forward to a new year full of change, opportunities, and lots of new memories.

Much Love,



Denise said...

Melanie-you look so healthy and happy. Here's wishing you a wonderful year-thanks for sharing your year with us.

Jana said...

Wow.. I loved reading each month! You look amazing. Your hair has grown back so much. Loved the Disneyland pictures what a great thing for you and Kaden to make such great memories.

I also LOVE the Be Strong shirts... Might have to look into those.

Much Love.

Heidi Hartley said...

I am so happy to see you doing so well! You look great and your positive attitude is always such a great example to me. You have been through so much!! Thanks for sharing all your fun memories.

rania_ka said...

Melanie I am so happy for you..
I'm so happy for you and Kaden..
I wish you all the best..
Kisses from Greece