Thursday, January 27, 2011

2010 Review (July)

July Memories:

Dad flooded the dishwasher when mom was at church.

Logan fireworks

Baseball season ended. Kaden did great this year!

Kaden's Uncle Andrew safely returned home from Afghanistan.

Grandpa Perkes and Grandma Kathy got married.

I got to throw Candy in the Hyde Park Celebration parade!!!

Preparing the posters for the float.

Preparing the candy to throw. My family kept making fun of me for how much candy I bought. I knew I needed more!!! We ran out at the last block. I should have just gotten more candy like I wanted to and told my family to laugh about it inside their minds.

Our parade crew, minus Carmen, Emily, and Stephanie. My friend Stephanie and her daughter began a clothing line focused on being strong. We, my family, decided it was a perfect motto for what we had been dealing with. You can check out Stephanie's goods at

My friend Dave was kind enough to let us use his trailer. Mike pulled it with his truck. I think we decked our "float" out real nice.

I loved throwing candy!!!!! Once was enough though. Next year, I will enjoy the parade
from the street.

The end to the lumbar punctures. Major happy day!

Sorry, I posted these pictures in reverse order.

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