Wednesday, January 26, 2011

2010 in Review (November)

November Memories:

Thanksgiving Crafts

Two of Tate's creations. He is very linear and organized

Lindsey always participates. The outcomes are usually interesting, but that's what is so fun!

Eric made his way down to help out.

Thanks to Eric, Tate's pumpkin was the only one with a vine.

Taylie, me, and Lindsey showing off our pictures.

Our night ended with some playing of the chimes and Lindsey getting stuck in the lid to the box. I am such a nice aunt. I laughed and hollered at Mike to get my camera. Lindsey was rescued shortly after the picture was taken.


Kaden and I had the opportunity to go to Disneyland with my sister Angie and her family: Stephen, Chase, Brooke, and Austin. I wasn't too excited about Kaden missing a full week of school, but I strongly felt we needed some time together away from our regular surroundings. Our trip was planned for November 14-November 19. Kaden knew we were going on a trip, but he didn't know where (he had his suspicions). Angie's kids had no idea! My parents, Kaden, and I went to Angie's on November 13 to celebrate her birthday. As part of the celebration, the kids: Kaden, Chase, Brooke, and Austin had to help Angie open some gifts. They each got a stuffed Disney character and were told we were going to Disneyland, tomorrow!

They were all very excited.

FYI: The youngest, Austin, had a run in with a cupboard corner just before we got to Angie's house. Austin came home from the hospital with lots of stitches and lots of blood on his clothes. He didn't let this mishap affect his excitement for Disneyland. I know Angie and Steve were a little concerned, but everything turned out great.

My flight gear. Kaden's first time on a plane.

Take off!!! I love Kaden's face!

One of the first things I noticed at Disneyland - a bunch of turkey legs.

Angie, Steve, and Austin on the caterpillar whose name I can't remember.

I loved the Pixar Parade! I want to be in it. So does some Asian girl who was standing by us. She is in every picture I took. I am glad she was having such a wonderful time.

Disneyland was decked out for the holidays. Small World looked incredible!

I loved the inside of Small World too.

See that man sitting on my left . . . I grabbed his arm at the first drop. I laughed the entire time.

Eating at the Blue Bayou

Kaden lounging in Mickey's chair.

Can you believe Mickey has a Cow Bells drawer? So exciting!

We all learned how to draw Mickey and Minnie.

The youngest Santa I have ever seen.

Kaden and Austin ready for the swings to begin.

Entertainment while waiting for World of Color.

Well worth the wait!!! It was amazing!

Kaden and Brooke singing in the Tiki Room.

Me and Kaden and Dumbo

Sleeping Beauty has a beautiful castle.

Me and Kaden in front of the castle. I used a wheelchair most of the time, so yes, I am sitting. Kaden helped take really good care of me.

Build-a-Bear for Boys. Only it's Ridemakerz and you build cars.

Kaden and Chase finally went on Screamin.

Angie, Brooke, Chase, and Kaden

Waiting for the taxi so we could be homeward bound.

Showing off our souvenirs. Kaden and I made some wonderful memories at Disneyland. We both had a blast! Thanks Angie, Steve, Chase, Brooke, and Chase. You made our trip so enjoyable!!!!!


Surprise mom and dad! Kim is home for Thanksgiving. YEAH!!! And boy were they surprised.

We celebrated Thanksgiving at Grandpa Perkes and Grandma Kathy's house.

We ate lots of great food. Did a lot of talking. Played some games. Sang Karaoke.

Here is the family, minus our Joanie. What a wonderful bunch.

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