Thursday, January 27, 2011

2010 Review (September)

September Memories:

My birthday is on September 13. I had a nice lunch with my sister Cami and my cousin Emily. Later that night we had cake and ice cream with the family. It was a great day!

On September 17 we had a celebration of life party. It was nice to see some dear friends. I wish more would have come, but who can compete with band and sports. My sister Cami put together a video for the celebration. I will post it shortly.

Eli had the job to keep the chips stocked. He took
his job very seriously!

Kim and fabulous grandma Hill

Me with Grandma Lamb and aunt Tena

Me with dear friends Wanda King and K(C)athy Mace

Chase and Brooke

Dad and Aunt Arlene

Friends watching the video

My dear friend Jacqui. She is a treasure!

Austin and Tate helping to clean up the balloons

Mike helping with clean up

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