Thursday, January 27, 2011

2010 Review (August)

August Memories:

Kaden's curls and his making his cousins smile

Perkes' Reunion

Kids looking for treasures

Uncle Rolan taking a try at the pinata

Grandpa Perkes giving it a go

Eli demolished the pinata. He hit it until it was off the string.

Cousin Kaye (sp?) taught a line dance. Grandpa Perkes wouldn't stop dancing until he had it figured out. I wonder if grandpa remembers it now . . .

Most of the reunion clan from our family. Some left before we got a pic.

Kaden learned how to play pinochle! He got a double family and a double pinochle in one night.
I was lucky to have him on my team.

My mom and I couldn't resist these dolls at Costco. They have gotten some use, but not enough!!!

I made a bunch of pie cakes. They were good!

Kaden had an excellent 1st day of 8th grade. Things have been going well since. I am so proud of him.

We went to the Bees baseball game for the first time. My nephew Chase's baseball team was the honorary team for the night (or something like that.)

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