Thursday, January 27, 2011

2010 Review (January - May)

The video Cami made for my Celebration of Life party does great job at summing up life during these months. I can't get it to post, so I will have her work on posting it.

Jan - Spent the month at Angie and Steven's house. The month started out real rough, but I got things figured out eventually. I discovered I had three dear angels in my life: Chase, Brooke, and Austin.

Feb - What a hard month! Full-body radiation was horrible and the sores in my mouth were horrible. My Grandma Perkes passed away unexpectedly 4 days before my stem-cell transplant. Kaden's birthday was 3 days after my transplant. I missed all events, but - I was blessed with life thanks to my donor.

Kaden with my dad at grandma Perkes' funeral. I love this picture!

My girl cousins, cousins-in-law, and sisters-in-law

I wish I could have been with you!

March - Still in the hospital for most of the month, but feeling better. My bone marrow biopsy at the end of the month left me with extreme pain.

April - Spent a week in the hospital trying to get my pain under control. The month started out so bad! I was able to come home for good on the last day of April.

May - An amazing fundraiser was planned and held for me. So much money was raised. What a blessing! I am surrounded with love.

Kaden's Birthday
We celebrated when I was at home in January. Cami and grandpa made sure to keep his birthday a special day too.

Reading the card I sent him.

Kaden has been such a trooper through everything. I love him so much!

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