Saturday, February 5, 2011

Let the Baseball Begin!!! (January 14-17)

Kaden and I are blessed to have so many wonderful people in our lives. We are fortunate enough to know the Triplett family: Jan, Dan, Spenser, Shawn, and Sawyer. When I was in the hospital last December, Jan visited me and told me that the Providence Diamondbacks wanted to make Kaden an honorary member of their baseball team. Kaden was (and is) too old (by 2 months) to play on their super league team; however, he can join them for RMSB's Winter Baseball Camp in Mesquite. A business, or businesses, or people (I can't remember) sponsored Kaden to go with the team last year when I was ill. This year, he was welcomed to join them again and I got to go. Our dear friend Jacqui joined us on our fun excursion.

Getting ready for Day 1 - this was the only pic I took on Day 1

Day 2 baseball game - Kaden is the pitcher
I was very impressed with the camp and how the games took place. To help the players develop as all-around players, each player had to play a different position each inning. The first position Kaden played was shortstop - a position he has never played. He is usually on first base or pitcher. During the game, there are "coaches" out in the field helping the boys. Kaden got a lot of coaching when he was at shortstop. How wonderful! If an error was made that all the boys needed to learn from, the game was stopped so the coaches could explain what needed to happen, or how they could have improved the play. I loved it!

Lunch time - I loved how all the boys sat on top of the dugout one day

Spenser, Kaden, Cody, Shawn

The baseball stud himself!

I was very impressed with Kaden during the camp. He was a great listener! I could tell he was trying to absorb what he was being taught and trying to apply it in practice and drills. I didn't realize the Jensen family from Providence is so involved with baseball. I am learning a lot.

Kaden had an individual pitching and hitting lesson on Day 2. I can't remember the name of his pitching instructor. Kaden really liked him and I really liked how he worked with Kaden. Look how well Kaden was listening!
The hitting instructor was Jed Jensen. He was well liked by both of us too. I took as much video as I could so Kaden can watch and hopefully remember what he was taught.

Day 3 was another great day. Kaden's first station focused on optional field positions. He decided to hit the outfield. The video is of Kaden fielding a ball in the outfield. He is the one running at the back of the video. I was impressed! Kaden is usually an infielder, so I was in awe.

Game improvement time - they were working on quick feet, catching, and throwing

I don't know who that is telling Kaden good job, but I love the smile on Kaden's face.

Here is the Diamondback team after three days of ball camp.

Kaden was all ears and eyes again when Jan and Dan were talking to the team. I love the spirit and encouragement Jan and Dan give. I also love how Dan gives Kaden big "Dan hugs" and kind words. Kaden's face lights up every time.

At this point Kaden came up and asked me if the camp was over. He was disappointed when I told him yes. He said he wanted to keep going. I am glad he has found his love - baseball it is!!!

Time to go home. I look really tired in this picture!

Me and Jacqui - she was such a great help with driving, packing things around, smiling, laughing, and enjoying Mesquite. She was known as my "caddy." I love her! Mesquite was great fun. The weather was wonderful! I did learn that Mesquite is not a very exciting place if you don't gamble and if you can't stand the smell of smoke - even then, I wonder.

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