Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine Time

We have done a fun activity for many occasions so far, we can't forget Valentine's Day. Our Valentine activity consisted of make cards for Aunt Kim and Aunt Joanie, and making sugar cookies. Cami helped by cutting out some large hearts for the event. The kids enjoyed putting their personal touch on a heart for Kim and Joanie.

Ethan (I love this picture)

Kaden (looking very happy)

Tate (choosing carefully)

Stephanie helping Taylie . . .

and Lindsey (our tornado can never be left out)
I love the process of making sugar cookies; especially when Kaden, my nieces, and my nephews can help. However, I decided that the Valentine cookies were going to be different. I bought the cookies from a bakery. I saved a lot of energy!

Eli was very creative and careful with his decorating.

Taylie just does whatever and licks her fingers a lot.

Tate wanted perfection, with some help from Aunt Mel he was satisfied.

Stephanie and I frosted and decorated most of the cookies.
Can't help but love this taterbug.

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