Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Kaden's Birthday

My boy is 14!!! Time sure does fly. I didn't even talk to Kaden before he went to school, so I was very excited when he walked through the door after school. He said he had a good day at school and that he was sung to several times. I am so blessed to have Kaden in my life. He is a super kid! He is very: loving, thoughtful, kind, witty, generous, good with his cousins, laid back, and on and on. Here are some photos from the afternoon/night.

Pass for four sessions to Hardball, a newer baseball facility in town.

Kaden and Uncle Mike trying to figure this one out. They didn't.

Kaden needs lessons on how to ride this thing. If you know how, please share your wisdom.

Kaden with Lindsey, Eli, and Tate.

Oh Tate, who knows what he was doing. Glad Eli, Cami, and Steph could join in the fun.

Lindsey and "bampa"

Mike and Kaden's guitar that really needs to be cleaned.

Kaden loves playing his guitar!

Tate and our white tornado, Lindsey.

Glad Uncle Andrew could make it.

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