Sunday, February 6, 2011

1 year old and livin it up!

After 33 years of life, I turned "1" today. I am the biggest one year old I have ever seen, and I have no problem with it! All thanks to a 27-year-old white male from somewhere USA, I am living. All of the prayers and fasting in my behalf, I believe, were answered with what I consider to be a miracle. I was blessed with the miracle of life on February 6, 2010.

I have decided to not continue my story ( . . . continued . . .) on this blog. It's too big of a pain to edit in the blogging world. I will be working on my story in Word once Kaden and I get settled in our new place. When I get enough written to share, or maybe when I am finished writing, I will let the world know.

Oh, and yes, Kaden and I are moving next week. How blessed I have been to have wonderful parents who have embraced us in their home. How wonderful it will be to reestablish Kaden and I as a family in our own place.

Much love,


Denise said...

I'm sure you are excited to get your own place. It was so fun to see you at the Hyde Park RS conference. You looked soooo good-I'm so glad you are doing well. Much happiness to you and you darling son. Good Luck with everything-stay healthy.

Julie said...

Happy Birthday! X