Thursday, January 27, 2011

2010 Review (October)

October memories:

Mom's Birthday

October always starts out with a bang! My mom's birthday is on October 1st. Cami, Tate, Stephanie, Taylie, Lindsey, my mom (Peggy), Kaden, and I went to lunch to celebrate.

We had a birthday party for my mom that night; complete with family, cake, and ice cream.

I love you mom and appreciate you as my mother, caregiver, and my angel.

Pumpkin Walk

I heard nothing but good about Pumpkin Walk 2010. It's a yearly event in North Logan. Very creative people make scenes out of pumpkins and props. Each scene has to go with the year's theme. I don't remember the theme, but I will say that all the scenes were fantastic!!!


Who doesn't love Popeye? (don't answer)

Kaden with the Beatles.

The very cooperative kiddos with Clifford.

Kaden as Jessie, Me as Buzz, and mom as Woody.

Pilot Kaden

Fun Times

My nephew Tate loves to play with cars. He also loves sorting them by color and/or type and arranging them in lines. This was one of his spots, until it was discovered. Another spot was on the living room blinds (Oh how I wish I had a picture of that one).

Tate and my niece Taylie are best friends. She was more than willing to help Tate with his table arrangement.

Have you ever played the game curses? It is fun (in small order). We had a rip-roarin' time one night with Mike, Stephanie, Greg, Charise, Mom, Kaden, and me. Now - suck in your cheeks like a fish so you don't smile, say "bawk, bawk," and then say "that's not funny" before you say anything else. Fun times!!!

Our hunters made it out one weekend this year. Stephanie, Mike, dad, and Kaden. Hopefully dad's back and knees will allow him to do more hunting next year.

Halloween Cookies

I have kept myself busy by planning little events with Tate, Taylie, and Lindsey while the other kids are at school. We had a two-day cookie making event.

Everyone had a turn to help with everything!



More mixing (Stephanie was able to help for a bit)

Kneading the dough

Preparing the ball of dough to roll out

Sifting flour onto the pastry sheet

Spreading the flour on the pastry sheet (Kaden helped when he got home from school)

Taylie's turn to roll

Tate's turn to roll

Lindsey's turn to roll

Cookie cutter time

Ready to put on the pan - Tate couldn't quite figure out "thumbs up"

Time to go in the oven to cook

We cooked a lot of cookies on day one!

Day Two

Time to frost the cookies . . .

Tate helped me make the frosting. We got started frosting right away. Eventually, Taylie, Stephanie, Mike, Lindsey, and Kaden made it to help us out.

We had some pretty awesome cookies!


I love Halloween. I think it is simply fun (I don't care for the scary/horror side of it). I was a bat this year. Kaden didn't go trick-or-treating this year, but did have fun scaring the kids who came by the house to trick-or-treat.

Princess Taylie, Me, and Skunk Lindsey

Goblin Eli, Batman Tate, Me, and Scary Doctor Ethan

Kaden dressed to scare.

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