Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Skype

So Melanie had quite a busy day today. She had quite a few visitors which she loved. She was also allowed out for about an hour today. My mom and dad took her for a drive. It was nice for her to get out for a bit. Hopefully in the next couple days they will know if she can leave and go to Greg's for a couple days.

Also today, Greg and some of his friends came up and sang for Melanie. I wasn't able to get many details as Mel is asleep. So I will have her post some pics tomorrow.

Tonight was our Perkes Christmas party. Uncle David set up Skype on his laptop so that everyone could see and talk to Mel. Isn't technology great! I think it was fun for everyone as well to be able to talk and wish Melanie well. She was missed at the party, but that was the next best thing.

Sorry not much of an update. We will know more after they have a chance to see her blood counts tomorrow. As usual, we will keep you all posted. :) Thanks again to everyone and all your thoughts and prayers!

Sleep well my sister! Love you!

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Darlene said...

I am so excited that Mel got out and about for a drive! That had to do wonders for her spirit! Keep healing, Mel!

Love ya!