Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve

Today I was able to go and visit Melanie and my mom for a bit. Melanie was still having a downer attitude. She told me that she wished she hadn't left the hospital for the one week, because it made it so much harder to go back in. She had a feel for what it is like to live outside the hospital again, and she is very ready to get back out! I was able to get her up and walking for a bit, so that was a plus. The doctor came in and talked with us while I was there. He said that she will be able to leave tomorrow! That was great news for Melanie. So, tomorrow she will get her things at Greg's house, and then she will head down to stay with me for the next 21 days. Since I am home, this will give my mom a chance to go home, work some days, be with my dad, and just be normal for a bit. They will all still come down on the weekends.

I took a few pictures:

This is how my mom looks at this moment. She had a tiny surgery on her big toe the other day. She had to have her nail removed, so she has this nice boot that she gets to use until it heals a bit. She is still hobbling around and being mother extraordinaire.

This was Melanie's new New Year's Eve hat. I thought it was really cute! They both said they would probably be asleep by midnight. They decided they would wake up right before and walk down to one of the windows to see the fireworks in Salt Lake. I told her to make sure she bangs on the wall of the man next door. I guess he is always loud and the nurses say he is not very nice. I'm sure it will be a nice, quite New Year's Eve in room 814.

Here is to 2010, and a great new year Melanie!!


Grandma Smith said...

Hey Melanie, We loved having Kayden with us today. KJ really enjoys having him here. I hope he had a good time. He is such a sweet young man and we would love to have him come again. Hang in there, it will get better. We love you and are always thinking of you. It is good to hear you are going to Angie's tomorrow. Our best to Peggy and you. I love the blog!!!
Sleep well both of you,

Kerren said...

Wow! 21 Days OUT . . . That's great! You and Angie will enjoy each other -- maybe even act like sisters and get on each other's nerves from time to time . . . that's normal, right? I think you look fantastic, and am so glad to hear that you're progressing. What a time for your mom to be having the treatment on her foot! Hope she takes it easy and lets it heal.

Desiree said...

That's great you get to leave again. 21 days is a long time. Do you still want visitors?