Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day 20

Mel had another tired day. Her red blood count was low and so she got a transfusion of two bags of blood. Hopefully by tomorrow she will feel more alive. I have a new appreciation for people who donate blood, what literal life savers!

Mel's good friend Suzanne spent a couple of hours with her today. She gave our mom a much needed break to shower and take care of some things. Suzanne brought Mel lunch from Kneader's along with several desserts, I can only imagine how yummy it must have been after weeks of hospital food. Mel and Suzanne had a nice time visiting.

Mel also got a phone call from a sweet little friend that she enjoyed a lot.

Not too much to report, just one day closer to the bone marrow check. :)


theo.anderson said...

Hi Mel,

I was telling my class about how you're doing and they wanted to send some jokes to cheer you up.

"What did the alarm clock say to it's mother?" from Maddie

"What do you call a horse that only comes out at night?" from Michal

"What do you call a bear with no teeth?" from Livy

"If there's 1 tuna and a dozen sharks chasing after it, what time is it?" from Emily


1. Look mom, no hands.
2. Pegasus, the constellation
3. a gummi bear
4. 12 after 1

We love and miss you at Providence!

Kerren said...

Thinking about you non-stop and praying continually for your recovery! Our Providence city newsletter arrived yesterday, the Cecember edition. on page 3 is your adorable face with the following quote: "HELPING ONE OF OUR OWN! Melanie Balls is a Kindergarten teacher at Providence Elementary. She has been diagnosed with a crditical illness. She has given so much to our kids with her wonderful talent of teaching., It is our turn to give back to her. Dontations are being accepted to help with her medical expenses. Anyone wishing to contribute may do so at the front office of the Providence Elementary School. Thank you!"
Isn'gt that great? I'm pretty sure we both know who to thank for that loving gesture! Love and miss you!

Kerren said...

YIkes! Why is it I don't proofread? Haste makes waste. Oh well, I'm pretty sure you get the message. I'll try to look more closely before pushing the "send" button! Sorry about that!

Steve said...

Good morning, Mel! I was glad to hear your NU count was up! Sorry I am not a match. You know I would have done it in a heartbeat...even with my needle phobia! I love you, and I'm thinking of you. It is kind of hard being so far away right now. :) Did you watch "Christmas at Rockefeller"? We were close, but not close enough to see it. We could see the big screen and hear it all. If only we could have turned the corner! LOVE YA! SEE YA IN A FEW DAYS!

Balls Fam said...

Hi Mel! Just wanted to tell you to keep kickin' butt. We are always praying for you. Thanks for being the best sister, sister-in-law, and aunt. We love you. Hopefully see ya very soon.

Balls Fam said...

and sorry my marrow was only half good :(

Ariane said...

Hey Melanie,
I wanted to come see you this week, but I have a sinus infection and figured that it wouldn't be welcome around you!! I do want to see you so bad! I'm happy to hear about your donor matches. If they don't work out, I'll come get tested. Who knows, maybe I'm a match and you'll owe me Arby's for the rest of forever. Ha ha! I love ya tons! And I will be there as soon as I can breathe.
Love, Ariane