Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A "Horizontal" Day

I asked my mom how today was, and she described it as a "horizontal" day. Melanie was really nauseated from the all the chemo. She wanted to get up some, but whenever she stood up, she felt the wave of nausea take over. They asked her if she wanted this really good medicine that helps with the nausea and increases your appetite. After they explained that it was a sister to marijuana and that it can cause you to have hallucinations, she declined it!

Melanie finished the Methotrexate this morning, and they will start the rescue medicine tonight. Hopefully they can get it out of her system quickly! She was having a difficult day. She was really emotional and just kind of tired of the hospital, the chemo, and the sickness. I guess it was kind of a downer day all around. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Hang in there, Melanie! We will have lots of good fun, when you arrive here soon!
Love you!!


Alean said...

You get offered a legal relative of marijuana and you turn it down??? Take whatever will make it better, enjoy the hallucinations! I'm just kidding, do what you think is best! I'm thinking of you! Hang in there!

Kerren said...

Goodmorning -- or maybe it's hard to call these mornings "good." Better days are ahead . . . and all of this treatment (which is no treat) will soon be behind you. Today ends the 2009 year, and with 2010 on the horizon, good things are bound to happen. I doubt if I'd choose to try any hallucinatory drugs either -- scares me! Your family is so amazing! You already know that!

Kimbies said...

Hang in there sister of mine. I know you are just sick of this. It does suck! I wish I could take away your pain. Just know I love you very much and you are always in my thoughts. I hope that today brings a better day for you. You have a lot of people pulling for you! You are allowed those down days too though. Hang in there! I will see you again soon okay. I love you! :)

Eva said...

I'm sorry that this round of chemo is such a trial for you! Remember that there are many prayers in your behalf. I'm sure that Heavenly Father is hearing them. Hang in there and look forward to your time with Angie and her family. We love and pray for you!

Camille said...

Hi Mel,
You are absolutely amazing. I have been following your blog. Thank you to you and your family for keeping us informed. We pray for you in the library at church. Can't wait until you are at the window joking with us again. Love you, Camille Jeppson

It's Time to Live said...

"I have spent my life climbing mountains,
I was told about the other side of them,
That it was better over there.
I found out later that what is on the other side,
was actually in front of me all the time.

I know now, that it is not important, what is over there.
I just need to keep climbing and improving me.
I need to take time to enjoy the present moments.
They are what count.
They are what shape the my future.

Present moments are what make up the other side of my mountain.
They are what make the journey all worth while.

Now when I climb mountains, I look forward some.
I look backwards, some. But most important?
I look all around me - right where I am.
And I smile."

Hang in there, if you need a mental trip out go to my blog and look at the pictures!

Dale and Kathy Ashcrof

Dan said...

When having trouble with nausea and motion sickness I would opt. to at least try the medicine they offered (most likely Marinol) as it does works really well. It doesn't cause actual hallucinations, like you won't see stuff that isn't there, it can just make your vision a little blurry like when you're really tired is all. Of course I would recommend the real thing, but unfortunately we're not in a state that allows it yet heh. Hope you get feeling better soon Mel! =)