Monday, December 14, 2009

Grandma got ran over by a rainbow?!?!?

Kim here, back in Utah and so glad I can be. Being Mel's big sister, it has been so hard to be so far away. I am so thankful to Joanie for taking care of things in Colorado (especially the cats) so that I can be here. All my friends in Colorado who have been so supportive and wishing the best for my family. Also to my work for letting me be away and being so understanding.

Another day of waiting. Mel's platelets were up to 74,000 (they were 56,000 yesterday) but no darn neutraphils.... The doctor came in today and said that they will do the bone marrow test on Thursday. They will then be able to decide what they want to do next. We hope that the leukemia cells are no where to be found....

She has done pretty good today. Did some walking and breathing exercises and all in all it was good. The waiting game is such a hard thing. Mel is staying strong and is so thankful for all the support and wonderful friends and family. It has been just overwhelming.

Mel's friend Jan Triplett came to visit her today. They had a great visit. She brought Mel some new music and brought Kaden a special gift that will just bring him some fun in these rough times. She also Skyped with Angie, Steve, and their kids (Chase, Brooke, & Austin). It was great for Melanie to be able to do that. She is such a great aunt and it has been hard for not to be able to see her nieces and nephews. So it was a great treat for her.

As you can see from the title, we had some good laughs today. Mom is soooooo funny sometimes. She meant to say "Grandma got ran over by a reindeer". You probably had to be there, but we were laughing pretty good today. It is so good to see Mel's smile and hear her laugh! Gotta love those good days!

Hope you sleep well sweet Melanie. I love you so much!!


Cami said...

Mom is so funny! We could fill a book with mom-isms. We are all excited to have you back here Kim!

We will have to skype with you this week sometime Mel. The boys miss you!

Lots of love Mel!

Heidi Hartley said...

It is soooo good to see you smiling! I can't imagine the hard things you are going through.... you are an inspiration to me.