Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Do We Have a Match?

I spoke with Melanie this evening, and she informed me that they have 2 of the possible donor's blood samples in. I guess they get current blood samples from the possible donors, and recheck them. Another sample is suppose to be in later this week or next. So, we should know about a match in a week or so! We are praying that one of them is still a match for her. Also, a prayer for the wonderful strangers who are willing to give their stem cells for Melanie!!

Melanie sounded pretty upbeat today. She was kind of tired and explained that she hasn't been sleeping very good at night. She is up all night with cold sweats. This Friday is day 29, and was going to be the big LP and bone marrow biopsy. I guess they are going to postpone it until next Friday, or until all of her counts are up. If they take the biopsy when her counts are down, they will most likely just have to do it again.

Melanie's aunt Lana came and visited her today. She brought some lunch, which is always so much better than hospital food. Mel said they had a nice visit. We are blessed with an amazing and supportive family! Cami mentioned the visitor she had yesterday, and I got some more details about it. Janet Blad, who is a mother of some of Melanie's students brought a lap blanket she had crocheted, and also a scarf for my mother. She also brought along a package from the Gunnell family that had a Christmas CD and something extra special. One of Mel's students named Avery Gunnell sent her nativity set down for Melanie to have. How sweet is that? Melanie has such amazing students and parents that she works with!

I wanted to mention a bit about what is going on up in Logan. My aunt Eva and Cami went over to my parent's house today and set up a Christmas tree and some decorations for my dad. Thank you, Eva! Also, Cami, Mike, Stephanie, and my dad are in the process of trying to pack up all of Melanie's things from her apartment and get them in storage or my parent's house. Since they are not being good about asking for help, I am asking for them. If you live in the area and would be willing to box some things up, or clean a little, or anything, it would be so appreciated! Everyone has been doing so much already, it is hard to ask, but I know they could really use the help.

Thank you, once again for all the support, love, and prayers for Melanie and the family.

WE LOVE YOU, MEL! Hopefully you can feel that love all around you!


Janet said...

I'd love to come up clean or box my cell number is 757-6389 just call me.
Janet Blad

Kerren said...

Give me a call and I let me know when/where. I'll do my best to be there! 764-7482.
Thanks for all your help at keeping us all up to date! Give Mel a big hug for me! Love, Kerren

Jan said...

If you let me know when and where I would love to help. 764-2132.

Desiree said...

Avery couldn't stop giggling when she saw her name on here. She's glad you liked her gift. I can help too. If there's a need for heavy lifting my hubby is willing to come too. Let us know. 750-5939.

Brynne said...

I would be happy to come pack and/or clean as well. 752-8050
Brynne Davies