Monday, December 7, 2009

A Better Experience

Today Melanie had the Lumbar Puncture she missed on Friday. It was a much better experience for her. They did it on a different floor with a tilt table, which was a lot more comfortable. They also did conscious sedation. There were no tears this time! The chemo she received through her central line on Friday is causing all her levels to be low. She had no NU's today, which means No immunities. Her hematocrit was 22.7, which means transfusion. They gave her 2 units of blood. At 4:30, she started a fever again. This was kind of frustrating, because she thought this had finally past. The doctor thought she might be having some kind of reaction to the blood, because she also had some redness on her neck. So, they gave her some Tylenol and Benedryl. The fever went away and hopefully that was the culprit. They didn't find anything in any of the cultures to make them think she has an infection. They did some more cultures today, just to be sure.

Melanie is getting a little taste of what it is like for my mom as a diabetic. The Prednizone she takes effects her blood sugar. She has to prick her finger and have her blood checked a few times a day. Her sugar was up to 200 this evening, which means she will get a shot of insulin. It is different to hear HER say, "If I eat that, my blood sugar is going to go up."

Melanie has not been out walking the halls since last Thursday. With the fever, low blood levels, and fluctuating blood sugar, she has just not had the energy to do it. Hopefully, levels will start coming up, fever will go away, and she can feel a bit better.

Hang in there, Mel! We will pray extra hard for you this week!


Darlene said...

I love you.

Alean said...

Diana and I are coming down this weekend. Are there any movies, games, books, or food we can bring you? Your family can send me a message on Facebook. Hang in there, I'm praying this setback passes soon.-Alean

Kerren said...

Thanks to Angie, and to each of you who do such an amazing job of keeping us updated on the ups, downs, and challenges of each day.
If I tell you, Mel, that new lyrics for "C" is for Christmas -- are running through my head, you'll know what I mean, right?
"C" is for Christmas, we do love it so!
"H" is for hospitals and the words, "Oh no!"
"R" is for relatives, the best in town,
"I" is for the I.V's drip dripping down,
"S" is for smiles, we all need their glow,
"T" is for time, it zips - then goes slow,
"M" is for Melanie and her bravery,
"A" is for the angels in her family,
"S" is for our Savior, He knows our pain, He knows we can endure, we'd do it all again.
OK. . . . enough -- more than enough -- I know. Love and miss you like crazy!

Kimbies said...

Mel, I am glad the lumbar wasn't as tramatic as it has been the last couple times. I sure wish that fever would go! Hang in there sister! I love you so much. You are so strong! I will see you on Monday!! :)

It's Time to Live said...

Mel, this is Dale. I am sending my agent to tug at your hair