Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Low- Key Day

So today was a low-key day, as Melanie put it. My mom spent most of the day at Greg's, wrapping Christmas presents and then doing some shopping. Kim and Melanie watched some movies, went for walks, and just chilled. It was a bit of an emotional day as well. I guess that there was a code blue on the floor in the morning. The person ended out alright, but it was kind of scary with all the running around and noise going on outside Mel's room. Code blue is not a great thing to hear in the hospital.

Today Melanie's platelets were up. The doctors said this was a good sign for positive things going on in the bone marrow. She will have the bone marrow biopsy on Thursday. Depending on how it turns out, they will either go right into her next round of chemo (consolidation chemo), or wait for her counts to come up some more. As my mom put it tonight, "It is all a waiting game and patience."

Patience is a great virtue that we are all learning to acquire.

Sweetest of dreams, Melanie! Thursday we can dream of a "White Christmas". Love you!


Kerren said...

Goodmorning Mel! I keep watching for a request -- a wish list for Saturday. Surely something sounds good . . . how about a Grist Mill lunch? I know we have to be specific, but you know the routine: bread ? meats? cheeses? veggies? spreads? Soup choice? cookie (they have sugar cookies now!) We'd do our best to get it to you as fresh as possible! I'm sure someone there could heat up the soup.
On another note -- let me just take an extra minute to tell you that your kiddos (and Mrs. Carson)are amazing! The kids are responding so well and adjusting to the changes really well! Your classroom looks awesome -- very, very neat, clean & organized! They are SO well prepared for our program on Friday. You should be so pleased! Make that one less thing for you to worry about. They know you're praying for them as they're all praying for you! Believe me! We all are! Love, Kerren

michelle said...

Hi Melanie.This is Michelle, Angie's friend. (We went to highschool together), I don't know if you even remember me. But I remember your cute smile, when I would be at your house, it seems like you were always smiling and laughing. I just wanted to let you know, that I am praying for you. You are so strong, and you have the sweetest, most supportive family. Keep smiling, you are so beautiful with beautiful blue eyes. Keep on fighting.
With Love, Michelle Lundberg(Moffitt)

the Godfreys - South Africa Cape Town Mission said...

Melanie and family, There are prayers for you in South Africa. We are Christa Godfrey's parents, Lyman and Katherine Godfrey. Christa and Angie have been best friends forever! You and all your family are in our thoughts and prayers. from the Godfreys