Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Better Day

Today was a much better day for Melanie.  All her nausea medicine seems to be working!  When I arrived this morning to visit, Melanie was sitting in the chair visiting with the physical therapist.  She had just gotten back from a morning walk.  Melanie has a goal to get up and walk three times a day.  The physical therapist actually released her today from their services.  They gave her some exercises to do every day, and feel she does not need their daily visits.  She is starting out a lot stronger this time.  The goal is to keep it up!

Melanie was able to even take a shower.  She was enjoying being able to wrap her hair up in a towel.  Something she won't be able to do soon.

One of the side effects and complaints that Melanie has from the chemo is her flushed face.  She also felt like her face was a bit swollen.  I asked her how she felt during the chemo treatment, besides nauseous.  She said it feels a lot like when she was doing radiation.  The more chemo she gets in her system, the more side effects she is going to start experiencing. 

After my mom and Melanie were showered and ready for the day, my mom and I ventured out to get us all some lunch.  They needed a break from hospital food.  Melanie had an appetite, and was excited for her Jimmy John's sandwich.  She would have liked it even more, if she could have had veggies on it.

I captured a great shot of Melanie playing with her "long" hair.  She is enjoying it while she can, she said.

After lunch, we took walk number two.  We enjoyed saying hi to all the staff and reading the Valentine's jokes they had on the walls.  Melanie was feeling good and able to go around 4 times!

We never got a picture of Dr. Ford the last time.  He was here when Melanie was first in the hospital.  He actually went on a mission and retired shortly after she arrived.  After his mission, they asked him to come back.  He is a great doctor!

I talked to my mom this evening, and Melanie had her first chemo at 6:00 pm.  This will be the time she has it every day now.  She did not puke again this evening, so that is a good sign!  She just gets tired and doesn't always feel like eating.  She will have her second chemo dose at around 11:00 pm.  Hopefully that will go well also.  There still may be a chance to get walk number three in there.

Here's to another good day tomorrow!

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