Thursday, February 2, 2012

Induction Day 4

Today was another good day for Melanie.  She is still doing pretty good with her nausea.  I talked with my mom this evening at the tail end of her first chemo treatment for the day, and Melanie was feeling a bit sick, but she never lost it.  She gets a yucky taste in her mouth, when the first dose of chemo is going in slowly through her central line.  They give this over a one hour period.  The second dose, she can feel in her jaw.  They push this through her central line slowly, via a syringe.  Melanie feels zapped after the treatments.  Her counts are starting to drop, which makes her feel tired and sick.  The flushed face is still there and bothersome. 

Today my mom and Melanie were able to have a nice visit from my mom's cousin Janice Downs.  She lives in South Jordan, and was able to stay for awhile.  It was nice for my mom to visit and eat some lunch with her.  Visitors are always a welcomed distraction from hospital life.  Usually my mom is good to take a picture, but she forgot today!  Thank you for the visit, Janice! 

Melanie has  received a few cards and some emails that the hospital volunteer has delivered.  She loves to get them.  We hang the cards on her wall, so she can be reminded of the great support she has out there.

Tomorrow is the last day for the chemo regimen she has been doing this week.  They will see how her body has responded.  The mass in her breast has already softened, so that is a good sign.  We will have to see how low her counts go.  If they are too low, she will have to stay in the hospital.  Dr. Ford said that they would decide Monday what the next step will be.  She may be having the stem cell transplant sooner rather than later.  We are still waiting for word from Ladee about a donor.

Kaden and my dad will be coming down on Saturday, so Melanie has something good to look forward to!


Balls Fam said...

Keep on kicking some butt Mel. We love you!

Kimbies said...

Love you sister dear!! Joanie is drinking water in your honor! hahaha ;) (she actually is) You are so strong and continue to amaze me. I'm glad you got a few good walks with Kaden today. Joanie sends a big hug for you as do I. :)