Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Weekend Of Visitors

I was lucky enough to go to Salt Lake this weekend with my dad and Kaden. It felt so good to see Mel and give her a hug. Her presence is really missed here at home. She continues to fight! She is doing whatever the doctors ask her to do and has her eye on the prize of getting home and being with Kaden. There aren't as many unknowns this time around. Mel is familiar with the treatment and the feelings that she's having. It's still scary and the treatment seems counter productive, but Mel has faith in her doctors and in her Savior.

Mel was given her last dose of the super powerful chemo on Friday night. She continues to get chemo every night, but it isn't as nasty as that other stuff. Mel's blood counts are beginning to drop. They dropped quite significantly from Saturday to this morning. She has been so, so tired, and is starting to lose her rosy red cheeks and pink lips. She is more pale.

Shi-thead. This pole is Mel's constant companion, it delivers her life saving fluids, as well as chemo. So, it is kind of a love- hate relationship.

Dad and Mom.

 Mel had some visitors on Saturday. Her bishop came first and they had a nice visit. She also had a visit from some neighbors. Mel has such a knack for making friends and they bless her life. Her neighbors went over and cleaned her town home and have been so good to her. They had a great visit. They brought her a heart blanket and some other stuff. They also went and got her a sandwich at Jimmy John's...a welcome break from the hospital menu. These visits gave Mel a good boost to her spirits. Thank you!

I need to give a shout our to our parents. They are quite the team! They are great examples to us. They are willing to do whatever is needed to help Mel and Kaden. They have sacrificed so much and never complain or feel sorry for themselves. They are the rocks of our family. Love you two!!

 Today, mom, dad, Kaden, Ethan, and myself went to the hospital branch. It was a short, but powerful meeting. It was nice to feel the spirit. I know it gives my mom the spirit food she needs each week. What a blessing to have a branch there. Mel was given the Sacrament earlier in the day. She stayed behind and had a nap. She spent a lot of time sleeping today. As her counts continue to drop, she will be more fatigued. The medicines she takes also cause her to be sleepy. I find it peaceful to be there while she's sleeping. I couldn't help but wonder what the battle going on in her body looks like. Her body is fighting so hard!


Kaden and Ethan.

After Mel's nap, she went on a walk. Let me tell you, she books it down those halls. She wants to keep her lungs working and her circulation going.

Mom, Dad, Kaden (look how tall he is!!), Mel, Cami, Ethan.

The hardest part about our visit was saying good-bye. It is always tender. Melanie loves her son so much and being away from him is harder than any of the treatments. Kaden is her reason for fighting so hard. He is one lucky boy to have a momma who loves him so completely.

The plan going forward is to continue the chemo she is currently on for 9 day total (7 days left). After that, they will let her counts come back up while they search for the donor. She may have some spot radiation. Once they find the donor, they will have to take her the brink of death once again and then infuse her with the donor's cells. That's my understanding. It's hard to keep everything straight.

We'll be sure to keep you all informed. 

Continue to send emails and cards. It means so much! We hang up all of the cards she gets. Prayers on Mel's behalf are awesome too. We appreciated all of the well wishes, thoughts, and prayers. It's hard to put into words just how grateful we are. 

You are LOVED Mel!!


Kimbies said...

Keep up the good fight sister dear! I love you and wish I were there. I will see you soon I hope...... :) Love you!

Jana said...

So many prayers for her and your family..

Oh Boy '08 said...

You have so many people who love you, that is very apparent! I'm planning to come see you, just as soon as my little cold has vanished. It will probably be the end of the week. I will be in touch. Hang in there! Alicia