Friday, February 17, 2012

Neutropenic Fevers

I talked with my mom this evening.  She told me that Melanie has been getting a fever off and on since last night.  Last night it was 101.5, which is high enough to warrant some cultures.  She had another one this morning, and this evening again.  The cultures all come back negative.  Melanie did this for a few days last time as well.  They call it a neutropenic fever.  It is caused by her lack of neutrophils.
The fevers make her feel yucky.  They give her Tylenol to help it break, and they have added some more antibiotics to her regimen.  Hopefully the fevers will stay away for good in a few days.

Kim is coming from Colorado on Sunday.  This will give my mom a little break from the hospital.  We love it when Kim comes to visit.  It is so nice that she can stay in the hospital with Melanie.  Hopefully mom will enjoy some time at home with Kaden and my dad.  Although her body will be home, her mind will be elsewhere.

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