Friday, February 10, 2012

Melanie is still fighting and hanging in there. She has three more days of chemo for the induction period. It's taking a toll on her body. She has a rash all over her body, except for her hands and the bottoms of her feet (thank goodness). She has been running a low grade fever every night. It hasn't gone high enough to warrant a culture yet. Her blood levels are still down, that won't change anytime soon. It means the chemo is working. 

Her are some positive things happening...Mel's red count was up today due to the blood transfusion she had, I think, yesterday. My mom said her lips have a little color to them. :) The lump she had in her breast is gone (another sign that the chemo is working). Mel's kidney and liver function look good! She survived the nasty chemo she had for five days. We celebrate every accomplishment and love any good news about her condition.

Rex and Angie Christensen visited today. They brought her some yummy treats, kind words and smiles. It really boosted Mel's spirits.

My mom said Mel got a "really cute" card from a former student. Mel loved it! It is hanging on her wall. Thanks so much.

Mel still has her hair! Last time around, she decided to shave it all off before it started falling out. We found out that was not a good idea because she ended up with tiny hairs all over her pillow. This time, she plans to get a really short hair cut and let it fall out in clumps. This time, losing her hair isn't a new thing. It stinks, but she knows that she looks beautiful bald. She just has one of those faces...

My mom told me a funny story. The CNA weighed Melanie today and wrote down the wrong weight, so the nurse saw it and thought Mel had gained 14 lbs in a day (which can happen in water weight). The nurse started pumping Mel full of lasix, which makes you pee a a lot. When the new nurse came on shift, she was asking Mel if she'd noticed her ankles or feet swelling and Mel told her she had not. Mel asked the nurse what weight the CNA had written down for the day, and Mel told the nurse that it was wrong. Mel had not gained any weight. I guess she got a good flush to her system :)

Look who turned 15 yesterday!!

He is such a stud! Happy Birthday Kaden! Mel and him will have a fun celebration this weekend.

Love you so much Mel!!

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