Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Induction Day 9

I was able to go to the hospital today and visit my mom and Melanie for a bit.  Melanie was feeling great today.  She has been able to eat well, which the doctors love.  She has started to get a red throat, which is a side effect of the chemo.  She is hoping that it ends there and she doesn't get a ton of mouth sores.  They moved some of her medications to oral instead of IV.  That is always a good thing when she can take her medication orally.  They will wait and see how she does with the developing soreness in her throat.

This is the closet in Melanie's room.  I love to see the sayings that my mom writes on it.  It is metallic, so there was a lot of glare!

"...have miracles ceased?  Behold, I say unto you, Nay; neither have angels ceased to minister unto the children of man."  Moroni 7:29

Melanie took a few minutes to look on the Internet.  She has received quite a few emails via the hospital.  It is fun to read all the words of encouragement and love!  Keep them coming!!  Melanie also visited with her first transplant donor today.  It was two years ago yesterday that she had that transplant.  Thank you to Jordan for his act of kindness that gave her two wonderful years!

My mom and I went on a little outing, while Melanie tried to take a rest.  It is always nice for my mom to get out of the hospital for a bit.  We went to Smith's and did some shopping for Melanie.  Kaden's birthday is Thursday, and Valentine's is coming up!  While we were there, we got a few things to spruce up the room a bit.

We added a few Valentine decorations to her door...

and grabbed a nice heart to put by her picture.  It adds a little color to the drab white walls.  I think we need to get some more decorations! 

We had a yummy lunch from Kneader's, and then took a walk.  All the nurses and doctors are proud of Melanie and her walking.  She can move a lot faster than the last time she was here!

This is the long hall that she walks down, after making the circle around the nurses and doctors area.  She made it four times around today.  Good job, Melanie!  We have to get a walk after lunch, before she takes her synthetic marijuana.  That is the drug that makes her sleepy.  I always tell her,  "Good dreams and hallucinations."

I love visiting and seeing how well she is doing.  I talked with her a bit about how she is feeling.  She said, even though she is tired and has a few annoying side effects, she feels so much better than last time she was here.  She would love to be in a place where she can just get up and walk around.  I know she would be visiting every patient in the wing.  However, anytime she leaves her room, she has to put on the gown, gloves, and that darn mask.  It is just too uncomfortable and hot!  So, she sticks to her room, except for her daily walks around her loop.  Melanie is getting a little stir crazy!

This evening Diana Hatfield came and visited with Melanie.  She worked with Melanie at Providence.  Her dad was in the hospital for surgery, so she stopped in to say hello.  My mom said it was a nice visit.  When I talked with my mom last, Melanie was not feeling very good.  Her counts are just going to continue to go down.  This is a good thing, because it means the chemo is working.  It just makes it hard on Melanie.

Sleep tight, mom and Melanie.  Thank you for the fun day!

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The Gayler/Call Clan said...

Having Mel love that picture so much sure makes me proud of Jenn for following the prompting she got to draw it. Mel looks like she is doing good!!