Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Hospital Break!

Melanie was finally able to leave the hospital yesterday. We are now at Greg's. Yahoo for Mel & Mom!! :) I know this will be a boost to her. Her counts seem to be staying steady. She will need to go back to the hospital on Friday to get her counts checked again. If they are okay, she may be able to go home to Cache Valley for the weekend or more. All depends on her counts. Below are a few pics of being out!

Melanie and one of her favorite little angels Makayla. Her and Mel have some cute conversations. :)

Mel and I (Kim)

Charise and mom feeding Makayla cereal. This is a good adventure....she is just starting to eat cereal. haha Hilarious!

:) Sweet Makayla

We continue to be thankful for everyone's prayers. Melanie is battling hard and trying to get ready for the next phase. We will keep you all posted to what will be happening next. Leukemia is definitely a day to day thing. Thanks to you all!

Have a great night of sleep without interuptions Melly! Love you!

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ForeverInMyHart said...

Ah, I'm loving this post. I'm so so happy you were able to make it out of the hospital. I hope your counts are so great you get to come home for a little bit! Just know you are still in our prayers. Love ya, Tiesha