Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thanks for the Fast Everyone

First off, thanks to all that were able to fast today For The Love Of Mel. It is so appreciated. We feel so blessed to have so many people who care about Melanie and our family.

Some of Mel's counts came up a bit, which could really be the positive sign we have been looking for. Her white cell count is now .4 (they have been .2) and neutrophils are .1 (she has been at 0 for days now)!! Yahoo! These are the 2 counts that Mel really needs to come up. It may not be a lot but she are taking all she can get.

Melanie has continued to have fevers. Last night was another rough one and pretty much all day today. The Infectious Disease group had a couple nurses come in to see if they could help pin point what may be causing the fevers. The cultures they have done have all come back negative. Which is good, but want to stay on top of it. They did some blood tests, CT scans of her chest and head, and also a sinus type flush. They are just trying to rule out everything they can. It is most likely that because her counts are so low, this is causing the fevers. So come on white cells & Neutrophils!!

Thanks again so much for everyone's thoughts & prayers. Melanie feels so thankful everyday as do we.

Sweet dreams my dear sister. I hope you get some much needed sleep tonight. Love you tons!!

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