Friday, February 17, 2012

10 Reasons

Today I was able to visit with Melanie and my mom again.  When I arrived, Melanie was feeling pretty nauseous.  They had stopped some of her nausea medicine, and she was feeling it.  They ended up giving her some Adevan, which helped, but made her pretty tired.

I had to take this picture to also show that shithead is empty.  Melanie is unhooked from IVs!  They have to hook her up for some of her antibiotics at night, but during the day, she is a free women.

My mom and I ran an errand and got us some lunch, while Mel was napping.  When we returned, she informed us that she even went for a walk while we were gone.  She is keeping it up!  Dr. Ford also came in and was telling us that she is doing as good as they could have hoped for.  Melanie is not a typical patient, who has followed the typical path.  He talked about how they can't just follow a normal protocol as far as treatment.  This is why the plan is always up in the air and changing.  He was all smiles with how well her and her body has responded to the chemo.

Melanie received a bunch of Valentine's from kids at Providence Elementary.  My mom was happy to have some great colorful decorations for the wall.  Melanie was able to teach some awesome kids!

I wanted to show the book that our aunt Heidi made for Melanie.  It was hard to get descent pictures in her room.  My mom said that it came when she was out.  Melanie told her that she cried reading it.

10 reasons for the fight

...being silly with my son Kaden.

...Tim Mcgraw (need I say more)!

...getting to be Queen for the day (with my fellow princesses).

...time to watch sports.

...setting new hair fashion trends.

...getting to be the favorite child.

...getting time with my parents.

...being the favorite aunt (see previous sibling page)

...not having to worry about bad hair days.

...the love and support of all that care about me.

Thank you all for caring about Melanie!  

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Kimbies said...

I'm liking your new hairdo Melly! You are so loved sister dear. Keep up the fight. I know it has not been an easy one. Sounds like things are going as good as they could be. I love you and I can't wait to see you Sunday! :)

Love you!