Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Same thing, different day

Well, not much has really changed again today. We thought she might get lucky until about 5:00 when another fever hit. So, we are still on the same fever, nausea, frustrated ride. We will keep praying that things start to go up. One of her doctors this morning did say that her monocyte count (my understanding is that monocytes become neutrophils) did go up a little. So this may be a sign of good things. We are sooooo hoping it is.

She did FORCE herself again to get up for a walk today. And Jamba Juice seems to really be her friend the last couple days. It is at least something that has been going down easier for her. She is just trying to hang in there and do all she can. She did talk to Kaden tonight which always seems to help her spirits.

Remember for those of you who would like, there is a fast tomorrow For The Love Of Mel. I know Melanie has a true faith in the power of prayer and fasting. So thanks for all the prayers and fasting for Mel's counts to come up and her fevers to subside.

I love you Mel! And I am amazed everyday at your strength and courage.

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