Friday, February 24, 2012

Fever Free

Today, Melanie was free of fevers!  YES!!!  Melanie told me, "The fasting WILL help", and it did.  It was a pretty great day for her.  The only down side of the day was this evening.  She was pretty sick to her stomach.  Kim said they are thinking maybe her Jimmy Johns sandwich did not agree with her.  She hasn't been eating very many solids lately, so it may have been a big jump, too soon.  

Austin played hooky from school, and he and I were able to go up and spend some time with aunt Kim and aunt Melanie.  We had a good visit!

Austin was a little reluctant, but he decided to help Melanie spike her hair , after her shower.  Having the energy to get up and take a shower was a great way to start her day. 

We told Austin that now her hair looks a lot like his.  Speaking of hair, Melanie still has hers!  Not sure if it will stay or what is going on.  We were told and expecting it to come out from the chemo.  Last time, it starting coming out about 2 weeks after chemo.  It has been about three weeks, almost four!  Maybe she will not loose it this time around.  We will see. 

Kim headed to Greg's for a nice shower, and Austin and I stayed to keep Melanie company.

Melanie was able to get up and walk today.  It was a little less forced, and she made it three times around the circle!  Austin wrote her another message on the board.  It said, "I love Mel."  He was excited for her to see it while walking.

He was a big helper to push shithead around for a second.  It was great to see Melanie up and walking so well!

Melanie and Austin used to like playing DS together when she was staying with us a few years ago.  Austin was happy to have aunt Melanie play with him again.  After a bit, they had to stop.  The nurse had given Mel some Adevan for her nausea, and she was feeling pretty tired.

Kim made it back in time for some lunch.  We are glad Kim is still here with us for another week.  She is a great sister and aunt!

Melanie had to head to get her new tattoos for radiation today.  Probably starting next week sometime, she will have 8 days of spot radiation.  They will just focus it on the area of her breast where the lump was.  She was not excited to head to the first floor again.  She said it was alright, because she new they were not actually going to be giving her radiation today. 

Kim's work, Pearl Izumi, sent Melanie a gift.  So very kind of them.  It is also wonderful that they allow Kim to take some time off to spend here with Melanie.

Today was such a great day.  We had a fun visit and it was wonderful to see Melanie feeling so much better!

We know a bit more about things to come.  They have found a donor for Melanie!  Ladee said she proposed that they harvest the donor cells on March 21st and 22nd.  If the donor, and hospital that will harvest, agree, Melanie will start the transplant protocol on March 19th.  We should know for certain on Monday if this is the case.  The transplant protocol consists of three days of Fluderabine (chemo), and one day of full body radiation.  This will get her body down enough to accept the donor cells.  Now we just need Melanie's counts to keep coming up.  She had to have platelets today, but everything else was up a bit.  If it just keeps climbing, she will be able to leave the hospital, which would be great. 

We are so grateful for the outpouring of love and support from all our family and friends.  Melanie is especially grateful for a day free of fevers!   

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ForeverInMyHart said...

Mel, this last post has made me so happy! I'm so glad you are doing a little bit better. :) What a cute little nephew you have. Good luck this week with everything you have going. You are in our thoughts and prayers continually, Tiesha