Monday, February 27, 2012

Laughter is The Best Medicine

Melanie's counts are coming up nicely. In part to Neupogen shots that boost white cell growth, in turn this boosts up neutrophils. Melanie also believes it has to do with all the fasting and prayers from all her friends and family! Thanks so much to you all.

My mom alwys put quotes on her closet door. This is the one on there now. I really like this quote a lot. It shows how much positivity Melanie has through all of this to a tee! :) She is amazing!

Melanie had a lot of visitors this weekend. Mostly family. (Cami has some pics that she will post). We had a lot of good laughs! Her friend Carmen came by on Saturday and was able to have a good visit. She even gave Mel a pedicure. :) So very sweet, Carmen. Thank you.


Melanie's nausea had finally subsided a bit along with her fevers being gone. She really wanted some Doritos. This was a very good sign!

Melanie was able to have some good Kaden time this weekend. They both needed it. We all went to watch Chase's basketball game and gave them some time alone.

We were all able to have some good laughs this weekend. Laughter has been a much needed thing after the fevers had been there so long. You will have to ask Mel about 2 degree milk... ;) Anyway, thanks again for everyones support, prayers, & love for Melanie and our family through this tough time. Melanie seems to be feeling a lot better. She should be able to go to Greg's tomorrow for sure. But she really wants to get out of here today! I can't say as I blame her. She will be having some spot radiation in the next couple weeks. Then it will be getting ready for her transplant. We will keep you all posted to the next process of her treatment.

Love you Melly!! Your faith and courage continue to amaze me! :)

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Kas said...

Mel, I admire your strength! I'm sorry you have to go through this again! You are in my thoughts and prayers daily! Hang in there! My six-year-old, Tom, wants to share a message with you too: Hi! I hope you're feeling better.