Saturday, February 11, 2012

Birthday Party

My dad and Kaden made their drive down for the weekend.  This evening we had a birthday party for Kaden at the hospital!  Chase, Brooke, and Austin were all healthy, so they were able to celebrate and see aunt Melanie.  Greg and Makayla came as well.

We had a fun evening!  We filled up Melanie's room.

Grandpa and Makayla

Melanie was sad that she wasn't able to be with Kaden on his actual birthday.  I told Kaden he was lucky this year, because he got two birthday parties.

Austin, Grandma, Makayla, Brooke, Chase, and Greg

We had some yummy cupcakes.  I forgot matches, so Kaden had to pretend he was blowing out the candle.  I love his face!  Our birthday song sounded great, and I know all the neighbors enjoyed it.  Happy Birthday, Kaden!

Melanie trying to get Makayla to smile.

Melanie's hat and Makayla's sweater make for a great picture!

Austin was very curious about everything.  Melanie explained all about shithead and her central line.  Grandma let him have a few crackers out of her "kitchen".

Melanie and Kaden had a good laugh about the card Melanie gave him.   I am not even sure what the inside joke was, but I thought it was a fun picture.

They have a few of these white boards in the hall.  You can write messages for the patients.  They erase it every week.  Brooke and Austin wanted to add a message for Melanie, to go along with grandma's.  Melanie was able to read the messages when we went on a walk.

We were quite the crew walking the halls.  My mom had gone to help Greg to his car when we started our walk.  We saw her come out of the elevator when she returned, but she didn't see us.  So, Melanie had a good idea to hide from her. 

We were hiding behind some walls that line the hall.  My mom saw that we were not in the room, so she came looking.  When she looked down the hall, she couldn't see us.  We could hear her talking to another patient, who was walking.  She was telling him and his daughter that she lost her family!  She finally walked down the hall, with some help from the patients daughter (darn her).  We all had a good laugh.  My mom said it made her day!

After our walk, we left Melanie for a quick dinner break in the hospital cafeteria.  We wished that she could have joined us!

Hopefully, it will be a birthday party that Kaden will always remember!

Melanie was feeling good today.  Her rash is still there, but was not acting up like last night.  I guess she was pretty miserable last night!  She has tonight and tomorrow night for chemo treatments.  After that, the rash should go away.  We still are not sure what the next step is after tomorrow.  We should know more on Monday...hopefully.

We love you, Melanie and Kaden!


Cami said...

I love all of the pictures Ang! What a fun visit for Mel to have. Love you all!!!

Hang in there sweet Melly. HUGS!

Kimbies said...

Great post! I loved the pics too! Looks like it was a good party. I'm glad you were all able to make it. I'm sure that was boost!

Hang in there sister dear!!
I love you much!! :)