Monday, February 20, 2012

No More Fevers Please!!

Well, it has been another day waiting for Mel's counts to go such luck yet. She really needs some neutrophils so that she can stop getting fevers! We thought she might be lucky today....she didn't have one all day. Although her blood was so low that she had to have 2 units of blood today. She got her blood and had enough energy to get in the shower when the darn fever hit her again. Darn it!! It has really been an issue this last week. It really takes it out of her.

Mel has really been struggling with Nausea the last couple days. She talked to Dr Ashe and they both agreed to have some of her meds through her IV. Mel has a hard time taking pills. So the thought of taking so many pills when she is so nauseous, is not really working for her. So shi-thead is a little more full again. But hopefully it will help her nausea.

So, not much new is going on still, just waiting for those counts to come up. Melanie is putting up a good fight and wants everyone to pray for neutrophils!

I'm so glad I was able to get out here to be closer to Melanie and my family. I feel so lucky to have so many good friends and such a great family.

I love you sister dear!! I hope you get some much needed rest tonight.

Sweet Dreams! :)

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ForeverInMyHart said...

Mel, we are praying for you! I'm sorry this has been such a rough week. I will pray for neutrophils, (even though I have NO idea what that is.haha) Get some rest and let me know if you need anything? I know where you live. :) Love ya, Tiesha!!