Sunday, February 19, 2012

Changing of The Guard

Today, Kim arrived from Colorado. YEAH! She will be staying with Melanie this week. My mom went home with Kaden and my dad this evening. I know all the family there are excited to see her for a bit.

I guess it was an emotional day for Melanie. She just does not feel well, and she has not been getting enough rest. Everything just kind of hit her today. Her counts are still low, she has been more nauseas, and she is still fevering off and on. They think the nausea is caused by her low counts and the anitbiotics. They were going to give her some more nausea medicine this evening, so hopefully that will help with that.

As mentioned before, Melanie had fevers the last time around as well. If the fever is below 101.5, they will not give her anything to take it down. They don't want the medicine to mask a higher fever. If it gets to 101.5, they take cultures and then give her Tylenol. Today, Dr. Asch had Melanie get some chest x-rays. She just wants to make sure they are covering all their bases. The x-ray was clear. All the cultures have been negative as well. I think tomorrow they are going to check for any fungul infections. Although it is most likely neutropenic fevers, they are not taking any chances and just assuming. Glad they are being thorough!

My dad and Greg gave her a blessing this evening. I'm sure that will bring some comfort and peace. Hang in there, Melanie! We all love you!

*Hello, this is Greg. I wanted to post a few pictures from last night. I hope I don't mess anything up. Charise and I were able to hang out for a few hours after taking Kim up.

Welcome Kim!!!

Mel and Makayla LOVE talking to each other!

Worn Out....
Mel and Kim trying not to laugh. Mel's drugs were kicking in. We had a lot of laughs last night. cute!!!

Charise, Makayla and Kim with Mel before we had to go. Until next time...

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