Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fasting for Melanie

I am always glad when I can go up to the hospital and visit.  Today was an extra treat, because I got to see Kim!  When I arrived, Melanie was not feeling too good.  Kim said she had a fever most of the night and they did not get much sleep.  Melanie looked really tired!  Kim and I decided to sneak out and let her get some rest.

I took Kim to Greg's house so she could have a shower and feel a little human again.  We stopped for some non-hospital food as well.  Melanie has not been eating very good the last few days, so we thought of trying to get her a Jamba Juice to see if that would taste good to her.

When we returned, Melanie had gotten a little sleep, but was interrupted quite frequently by medical staff.  To top it off, she was starting another fever.  I could sense how terrible she felt.  She also got a little teary eyed.  She needs a break from these fevers!

She was chilly and didn't want to take her arms out, so Kim helped her with her Jamba Juice.  They were able to give her Tylenol, so she was able to drink it all at some point.  That was a plus!  Dr. Asche said they may have to start calorie counts and feed her through IV, if she can't eat more.  We don't want that.  Jamba Juice may be seeing a daily visit.

I have to add that Kim was trying really hard to not make a sucking face like she did in the previous picture I took (she wouldn't allow me to post it).  We were all laughing! It was kind of like opening your mouth while feeding a baby.  She was puckering right along side Melanie!

As you can see, shithead is not empty anymore.  They started to give a few more of her drugs to her through IV, so she doesn't have to take so many pills.  Melanie does not do pills well, particularly when she is nauseous and not feeling good.  I left the hospital hoping that both Melanie and Kim were able to get a descent nap.

I spoke with Kim this evening, and she said Melanie did get up and FORCE herself to go for a walk.  She didn't make it as long as she used to, but she hasn't gone in a few days.  I am so glad she did it.  When they got back from the walk, she started with another fever.  I hope she can make it through the night without another one!

Melanie has asked me to organize a fast on her behalf.  She really needs a break from the fevers and needs her counts to come up.  This Thursday, February 23rd, we are asking anyone that wants to join us to fast "for the love of Mel".  We know the power of fasting and prayer.  Melanie has a testimony that it can and will help her.  Please pass the word around.  There is great power in numbers.

Thank you!!!

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