Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Rough Start

Melanie had her first dose of chemo at 12:30 am, they had to make sure she was really hydrated, so it was an odd time. My mom said as soon as they started the chemo, Mel got sick and was for the rest of the night. Her central line was causing her lots of pain as well. It sounds like it was a long night with little sleep.

Today was better. She is on lots of medication! If I wrote everything down right... she is on 5 medicines for nausea, pain meds for her central line, a steroid, and synthetic marijuana (the last two meds are to boost her appetite). Mel was able to eat a bit today. She also took a walk, and got some sleep.

They started her chemo at 9pm tonight and Mel hadn't thrown up yet when I talked with our mom at 9:37 (to be exact).  :)

Our mom said that Mel is feeling really tired. She will want to do something, but her body just can't get the energy to do it. This time around is really different. Last time she was so sick before she went in, that she almost felt a bit better once her treatment started. This time, she was feeling great and is made to feel sick with all of this poison being pumped into her body.

Mel continues to have a great attitude about everything. She is so strong!

Greg found a link to the article about Mel that Angie posted about. Click HERE to read it. Her story is on page 10. Reading it brought tears to my eyes.

Remember Mel in your prayers tonight. :)

Hang in there Mel! We sure love you!


Unknown said...

I wish we could all share this burden so you didn't have to. Hang in there Melanie!

Kimbies said...

Oh Melly, i so wish I could take some of this away for you. Just keep hanging in there okay. You are so strong!! I am in awe of all you are going through and still seem to keep you chin up as much as you can. I love you so much and wish I were there.... I love you sister dear!!