Sunday, January 29, 2012

Melanie's Claim to Fame

On Friday, my mom was sitting in the bone marrow outpatient clinic looking at this magazine.  She was casually flipping through reading a heading here and there.  She turned a page, and saw a familiar face!

It is hard to see from this lovely picture, but that is Melanie!  My mom looked at the receptionist and said, "That's my daughter."  Awhile ago, one of the staff members had asked Melanie if it was alright to publish a bit of her story.  Melanie said that was fine, but then never heard anything else about it.  Well, they did publish a great article about Melanie's fight and her positive attitude.  It was written by Dr. Hoda.  My mom got a copy for each of the kids.  I will have to figure out a way to scan it and put it in a form that is actually readable. 

Tomorrow is the day that we will find out more information.  We have a meeting with the doctors in the afternoon.  They will have all her test results (preliminary results from bone marrow), and should know exactly where the cancer cells are in her body.  They are planning to put her central line in and start chemo after the meeting. 

I know Melanie is anxious to hear the results and know what she is dealing with.  It is nice this time around to have a better understanding of things to come, and it is  a great blessing that she is starting out a lot healthier.

I will get on and blog as soon as I can after the meeting.  Thank you all for your continued prayers.  It means a lot to Melanie, Kaden, and our entire family.

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