Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Visit From Kaden

This morning, our dad, Kaden and myself headed to Salt Lake to spend some time with Mel. As any mother can imagine, it has been really tough for Melanie to be so far from Kaden and it cheers her up big time when he visits.

Some Priests from Greg's ward brought us all the Sacrament. What a blessing!

Mel was really tired and took a good, long nap in the afternoon. She has still had some lingering nausea, but hasn't thrown up since Thursday...sweet! She has been trying to eat small, frequent meals throughout the day and it seems to have helped a bit. It is shocking to look at her pill organizer and see how many pills she takes a day. Each pill has its own set of side effects and some Mel has noticed. She has a tremor making it hard to write, dry mouth and of course extreme fatigue. I have yet to hear her complain! She is one tough cookie!

Mel plays nurse and patient everyday as she hooks the magnesium bag up to her central line. The magnesium is added to a bag of sodium chloride, so it is diluted. It has to be kept in the fridge and the first couple of times, Mel about froze because it was so cold going through her veins. Now they take it out and let it warm up a bit before pushing it through her line. Trial and error...

I forgot to ask her if she's named her fanny pack beats dragging shi-thead around.

Family friends, Kevin and Gina Ellsworth gave Melanie a new pair of glasses that are sassy, colorful and fun! They look so cute on Mel and add some color to her face. She really likes them a lot! Thank you for thinking of her!

Mel and Kaden can often be found snuggling up together. I can tell that Mel just soaks up every moment she can with him.

In between snuggles, Kaden will often say, "I'm bored". He likes to get some songs from Mel's iTunes when he has a chance to get on her laptop.

Our mom came home with us tonight. She will go back to teaching music for 8 days. Her students are going to be sooo excited! It will be fun to have her here in Hyde Park. I know her thoughts will constantly be with Mel.

Kim flew in from CO tonight. She will be Mel's caretaker while mom is here in Cache Valley. She has sacrificed so much to come here to UT to help out. She is an amazing big sister and friend. Mel will be in good hands.

It was AWESOME to spend time with you today Mel! You amaze me with your strength! I love to see you smile and to just sit and talk. I love you sis!

Oh, Mel's numbers were good yesterday. Her neutrophils and white blood counts were up. Her platelets were low and so she got a transfusion. I said in a previous post that she should start making platelets soon...I was wrong, those will be the last to come. I totally misunderstood. She goes back tomorrow for blood tests. It will be good news, I just know it!


Jana said...

I love seeing you with your family and son. Your smile is amazing and I am glad to see it!!

I noticed the glasses in the first picture, they are great!! I love them!!

Keep getting better and know that you are in my prayers!

The Murdocks said...

Your new glasses are so cute and look great on you. I love the red, "sassy" glasses. I am glad things are looking up for you.

Monica said...

Mel you look awesome. I love the new specks they are so fun and are so cute on you. We are thinking of you and glad you are out of the hospital!! love ya