Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cautiously Optimistic

As stated before, everything about Melanie's treatment is up and down. One day we are doing plan A, then plan B, then back to plan A, etc. It all depends on the day, and how Melanie looks and is responding. Yesterday, Cami explained all about plan B. Today, plan B is being put off for a bit longer, and hopefully indefinitely.

After last weeks bone marrow biopsy, there were less than 5% of mature cells in here bone marrow. The biopsy they did yesterday shows between 5-10%. What this means is that something may still be happening and progressing. They will do a test to see if these new cells are Melanie's or the donor's, but those results won't be in until next week. For now they are putting plan B off. They will continue to follow her counts, and see where she is next week. Dr. Hoda said that they are cautiously optimistic! He instructed us to cross our fingers! It looks like it will be a slow climb up, but as long as counts are coming up, it is good.

Dr. Hoda is a great doctor. I have had several opportunities to listen to him explain things, and he does a great job. He is super nice as well! Melanie was relieved to be putting the second transplant off. She was in a happy mood today. Pretty tired, but I saw many smiles!

Brett and Lana (uncle and aunt) came to visit Melanie today. Thank you for stopping by! It is always nice to have a new face every once in awhile. I know it kind of breaks up the monotony of the day for Melanie!

Finally, I saw this quote on another blog. It is from this months Ensign, and I thought it was perfect!

President Boyd K Packer, President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, once said, "If you are helpless, He is not. If you are lost, He is not. If you don't know what to do next, He knows. It would take a miracle, you say? Well, if it takes a miracle, why not?"


Karen Luthi said...

I love that quote..... So fitting. Thanks for sharing it. I will continue to pray and think good thoughts. Hang in there. Karen Luthi

Miss Nelson said...

I love plan A! What an inspiring quote from Elder Packer! Thank you for helping to inspire me, Mel!