Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Low-Key Day

I talked with my mom tonight and it sounds like her and Mel had a pretty uneventful day, which in the life of a Leukemia patient is a good thing. The plan was to go shopping, but with all of the dust and wind, Mel had to stay inside. So my mom went shopping all by her lonesome.

Mel has been free from nausea the last couple of days...that has been a LONG time coming! What a huge blessing. Mel also has super blond peach fuzz growing on her head. She has been wondering what color her new hair would be.

Mel will be back at the clinic in the morning for blood work and a bone marrow biopsy. We will keep you all updated on the results. :)

We love you Melly!!

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Kimbies said...

I'm glad you haven't been as nauseous Mel! :) I love you tons! Good luck with the bone marrow biopsy today!