Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Staying Hopeful

Mel ate food today, went on a walk and took a shower! That is huge!! Her neutrophils were .3, up from yesterday. According to mom, we are looking for the white blood count to come up, so we watch for the neutrophil counts to come up. Mel will be having another bone barrow biopsy either tomorrow or Thurs. I guess the results will tell the doctors where we go from here.

Mel had some visitors from her ward yesterday. Courtney and Shelley Balls stopped for a visit on their way home from the airport. They had been in Hawaii and brought Mel some chocolate covered macadamia nuts...so thoughtful!

I wish I knew the story behind Mel wearing purple gloves on her feet. I'm thinking is must be from when her feet and hands were so sore and it hurt to get them wet in the shower. It definitely shows that Mel hasn't lost her sense of humor!

We are all praying for better days ahead! Love to you sweet Mel!!


Karen Luthi said...

That plaque is great. It is true, keep up the hope. Praying for you.

Kerren said...

YES! to Hope, Faith, and lots of Prayers! Your smile positively warms my heart. Hope you have some "warm heart" feelings from time to time as you reaize how many people are praying for you and believing in miracles. Much Love, Kerren

Amy Parker said...

Hello Miss. Melanie the tile that you recieved is so beautiful and true. Hope is everything. Waylon and his whole family pray for you morning, noon, and night. He is so excited for you to be able to return to school in May (if all goes well). His birthday is in May and he is so excited that you will be there with him. If you would like to keep up on him, our family blog is www.thejaredparkerclan.blogspot.comWe think of you often and know you are so strong. You are such a good example for my children. Love Waylons Mom (Amy Parker)

Marla said...

Melanie, I wish I could have been there when you had glove on all four's, I'm sure you had you little giggle. I miss it!!! I am glad to see and know that you have not lost it (completely). Love your guts!! Marla Frank