Thursday, March 25, 2010

A trek to Target

So Melanie has been wanting to go to Target and get some Easter stuff for Kaden. It seemed like every time we thought we could, Melanie wasn't feeling up to it. Well, today was they day we ventured out! I think it was really good for her to get out. She got one of the motorized carts and she was off. haha Sorry Angie, I didn't get any pics..... But the mission was accomplished and Melanie got to get out somewhere besides the hospital and get what she wanted for Easter.

While we were in Target, LaDee called with the results from Melanie's T-cell chimerism (I hope I got that right). Last time they did that it was 77% donor cells. The latest test showed 98% donor cells! YES! This is a very good sign. This means that Melanie's cells are not killing the donor cells off. They will have a better idea of exactly how many actual cells (not just t-cells) are the donor vs her cells after her next bone marrow. But this is definitely a positive! We are all very happy about this!

Melanie was able to have a visit with Kaden tonight. Cami brought my mom down here as I am going back to Colorado tomorrow. It was really good for them to be able to see each other. Kaden did not want to leave. But he was a trooper and made the trek back to the valley with Cami. He really misses his mom and Melanie really misses him.

A typical picture of Kaden and Melanie having some time together.

Little Tate loves his aunt Melanie.

Well it is hard believe it has been two weeks! It is always hard to have to go back home and leave Melanie. I feel so far away. I know that she will be alright and will beat this. I have been so lucky that I have been able to come as often as I have. My work has been so understanding. And Joanie has taken care of the everything while I have been away. I am so grateful! Melanie, just know that I will be back soon. I love you so much! It has been great to be able to be here with you. Keep up the strong fight! You are incredible!!


Miss Nelson said...

Hooray for 98%!! Such good news! Happy Easter, Mel!

george said...

Melanie, So glad things are looking up. We are still praying for you. Love Sandra

Cami said...

It was fun seeing you again! Thanks for the Easter surprises for the boys, you are sooo thoughtful.

I love you Melly!