Tuesday, March 9, 2010

More Of The Hospital For Mel

My mom started packing Mel's room up and took everything down from the walls this morning, but in the end, Mel was just too sick to leave. She threw up a couple of times this morning and felt nauseous all day. Dr Ash told Mel that she could leave the hospital, but feared that she would just end out coming back. I talked with Melanie today and she didn't seem too bummed. She just wants to figure out why she is feeling sick to her stomach all of the time. She might have an endoscopy tomorrow...it's kind of up in the air. The Gastroenterologist talked with Mel today and told her that he's not convinced that her problem is Graph vs. Host. He said that it is too early and essentially that she isn't sick enough for that to be the cause. The doctors are wondering if the large number of pills she is taking could be partly to blame. Tonight, she took her immunosuppressive drug alone to see if that is the culprit. I hope they find the cause soon! Nausea is no fun.

Melanie was finally able to walk tonight, my mom said that she did really good. Mel is wishing for chairs in the halls so she can sit down and rest part way through her walks. My mom said that Mel has discovered a filing cabinet that she sits on for a break...whatever works. :)

Mel's neutrophils were are 1.1 today...a small improvement. Her white count stayed the same, her red blood cells were down and her platelets were up (she had a transfusion yesterday). The good news is that her white cells are holding steady!

So, it's looking like Mel will stay in the hospital while they work on figuring out what is making her stomach so sick.

Keep fighting Melly! We all love you so much!

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Kimbies said...

Darn nausea Mel! I hope they can figure that out for you soon! Keep hanging in there. I will see you on Sunday!! :) I love you so much Mel! You are amazing!